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Professional tips for looking and feeling great on camera. Regardless of whether you are trying to feel more comfortable on your next Zoom call, adding live video to grow your online platform, or getting ready for your first on-camera interview, you can start feeling more confident TODAY!


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Gain the Confidence You Need to Shine Online + On-Camera!

Does the thought of doing anything on camera make you squirm or feel a little anxious? If you’re ready to master the art of being on camera, learn how to deliver a clear, concise message, and ditch whatever nerves are holding you back, then the How to Feel Confident on Camera Course is for you!
Come get the training and resources you need to feel like a natural on camera.
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"Kristi is such a pro! She comes prepared, poised, and ready to shine"

- Maria Sansone, Emmy Award-Winning TV Host

The Confidence on Camera Course is exactly what you need to increase your impact through video. 

There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to looking polished on camera. This course is designed to help you understand the ins and outs of camera work. Different platforms require different techniques. 

These tried-and-true practices will help you to best prepare for your time in front of the camera, know what to do while you’re on camera, and how to best leverage your video after you’re done recording. 


The camera will love you! 

Lesson # 1  Preparing to Be on Camera

This power-packed video lesson is filled with my best advice for how to prepare before you go on-camera. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having the right game plan before you start recording. This is truly where the magic of increasing your confidence begins.


Lesson # 2  Broadcasting Tips + Hacks

This lesson is going to help you know how to shine while you're on camera and get the most out of your onscreen time. We’ll cover how to make sure you articulate your message clearly and stay on point.

Lesson # 3  What to Do After Your Broadcast to Maximize Your Impact Post-Production

Believe it or not, the work doesn’t stop once the camera has stopped rolling. There are multiple ways to utilize your video post-production that will maximize the impact of your time on camera.

... and we're just getting started! 


Let's Take Your Confidence to a New Level

... You've got this!

Lesson # 4  Confidence Training

Sometimes feeling confident goes beyond just knowing how to best prepare for an interview or going live on social media. We dig a little deeper in this lesson and really work on 10 things that will truly influence your confidence level in any speaking situation.


Lesson # 5  Tutorial on Tech Gear + Tips

Learning what to do on camera is only half the battle. If you are on the other end of an interview or producing your own videos, you will LOVE all fun tech tools I share with you in this lesson. I run through the different categories of gear that will help you look your best while recording.


Lesson # 6  How to Make Money with Video

You recorded your video or your segment, now what? This lesson builds on what was learned in Lesson 3 about post-production practices. You will learn business strategies for how to monetize your video efforts. There are TONS of ways to earn money using video. I can’t wait to show you how.


Lesson # 7  Interview Tips for Video + Audio

There are so many different platforms that require on-camera skills for interviews. You might find yourself in studio for a TV segment, doing a video podcast call, on the radio live while being streamed to a Facebook page, plus any of the other options for live streaming on social media! Each one requires slightly different techniques. Don't worry, this lesson will teach you lots of great hacks for nailing these interviews!

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  • How to best prepare before the camera starts rolling
  • Broadcasting tips to help you look like a professional
  • Post-production tips to boost engagement and build your personal brand
  • The best equipment to use for shooting great videos and for looking your best on-screen
  • Confidence training mini-course
  • Business strategies for making money with video
  • Tips for various types of interviews, both audio and video
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  • How to best prepare before the camera starts rolling
  • Broadcasting tips to help you look like a professional
  • Post-production tips to boost engagement and build your personal brand
  • The best equipment to use for shooting great videos and for looking your best on-screen
  • Confidence training mini-course
  • Business strategies for making money with video
  • Tips for various types of interviews, both audio and video

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Hey There,

I'm Kristi Clover...


Call me crazy, but I love being in front of a camera! Yep, it’s an odd passion, but it’s true. I am totally comfortable stepping onto a stage, a set, or going live. Do I still get butterflies? Absolutely, but now they energize me. Have I ever embarrassed myself? Yes, to that one, too. Thankfully, those moments have been few and far between—and I’ve learned from them. Through it all, I still love camera work because I know that I can make an impact on the lives of others by using it.

I’m aware that not everyone is as excited about being on camera as I am. In fact, most people would probably say they are the opposite. Here’s the thing, I have learned through the years that there is an underlying secret to coming across well on camera. Proper preparation and practice.

Since the start of live streaming in 2015, I have poured myself into learning all the best techniques for being on camera. I’ve researched, sought out advice, practiced, and took notes. Lots of notes. That’s kind of my weird superpower: I love simplifying information and creating notes to help me remember everything.

Normally, I’m the go-to gal for home organization and homeschool advice. Most of my YouTube and live stream videos are filled with content on those topics. However, I’m constantly asked for advice about camera work by other authors, speakers, and online influencers. 

Being filmed is a little awkward and scary at first. Yet, it doesn’t have to stay scary! I can show you the formula that I’ve used for years to not only come across comfortable in front of the camera—but to actually feel confident. 

I can’t wait to show you just how easy it can be to grow in your confidence and feel more and more like a natural on camera. I’ll even teach you how to harness those butterflies. You can do it!

And you can get started TODAY!


xoxo - Kristi 




"As an author and course creator I have come to terms with the fact that like it or not, speaking, often in front of cameras, is something I have to do. I have always admired Kristi’s comfort and ease in front of the camera and I think it’s great she’s sharing her gifts with us through her course!"

- Monica Swanson, author of Boy Mom



"I took the How to Feel Confident on Camera Course by Kristi Clover and I’ve been following her ever since. I loved her teaching style and the great tips and advice she gave. I am forever changed on camera because of this course. I have a new YouTube channel and didn’t know what I was doing, and Kristi was the individual that God sent to me to show me how to be confident."

- Rhonda Nicholson, Entreprenuer + new YouTuber



"Filming my own videos seemed completely overwhelming to me. I worried about how to act and what to say. A few pep talks from Kristi Clover, and I was completely on my way! Kristi shares great advice without being overwhelming."

- Tricia Goyer, Best Selling Author + Podcast Host



"I thoroughly enjoyed Kristi Clover's "Confident on Camera" course from the Sister Circle event! As a Young Adult Librarian at a public library, I have had to learn how to create virtual programs as a result of the pandemic. Being comfortable on camera is something I have struggled with, but Kristi's course has helped me to loosen up and become more comfortable. Her tips for creating an inviting thumbnail have helped me to attract more viewers. As an aspiring blogger and YouTuber, I also plan to use what I have learned from Kristi to create content to encourage single Christian women over the age of 30 like myself to become content and joyful during their single season as they trust the Lord to bring their God-ordained spouse in His timing. I highly recommend taking her course!"

- Jor'danan Curtis, Librarian + aspiring YouTuber

You Can Feel Confident on Camera!

Let me show you how! 

See you inside the course! 



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