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Most of us would agree that 2020 was a little crazy. Definitely filled with mayhem! Well, we may not be able to control what's happening around the globe, but we can start making some changes to "master the mayhem" in our homes!

Sign-up today to take part in my first-ever M.O.M. Challenge! We'll be coming together to encourage one another to get organized in 2022!


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This 5-Day M.O.M. Challenge will help you "master" any "mayhem" in your home!


Decluttering, minimalism, and Konmari are all the buzz these days. Getting organized — and staying organized — goes beyond these trends. I'm going to be walking you through my 5 step process to conquering any problem area in your home. Whether it's your garage you'll be taking on during our challenge or it's your junk drawer, these "pillars" of home organization will help you finally implement lasting change.

DAY 1: Pray + Pick!

We'll be running through the ins and outs of how to pick the best project to tackle during this challenge (and anytime you are wanting to take on a project in your home). Your homework today will be to pick a project and snap a "before" picture.

DAY 2: Glean + Tweak!

We get crystal clear on what our game plan will be for our project and will figure out what the "baby steps" will look like. I'll be teaching you some strategies for how to "glean and tweak" for the best results.

DAY 3: Clear + Clean!

Today is THE DAY! I'm going to be sharing the best strategies for real change: clearing your space and then cleaning your space! Decluttering will be covered today!

DAY 4: Categorize to Organize!

Today may just be my favorite day! We are going to go over exactly what it means to organize an area and create systems so you don't fall back into the same problems again. I'll be sharing my best tips for how to "categorize" things in your space so that you can get it "organized". Yes, we will talk about labeling.


One of the best ways to keep an area clean and clutter-free is to add a pop of pretty. I like to say, "A pretty space is a happy place!" There is some psychology that goes along with creating "happy" places throughout your home. You won't want to miss this day's training! 












Let me introduce myself. My name is Kristi Clover, and I’m the author of M.O.M. = Master Organizer of Mayhem and Sanity Savers for Moms. I’m also the mom of five kids ranging from 7 to 18 — so I know a thing or two about having “mayhem” in my home. 

My passion is to help families discover how to simplify their home life so that they can experience a little more sanity and joy in their days. I love helping people learn how to be more efficient in getting things done so they have a little more time for fun — and hopefully sleep (all moms need a little more sleep). It’s really easy to overcomplicate mom life and take on too much. So, I'm here to help.

I can’t wait to get to know you better through this challenge.

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