5 Simple Chore Systems to Help You in Your Home

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Kristi Clover's 5 Simple Chore Systems to Help You in Your Home

5 Simple Chore Systems to Help You in Your Home

I love chore systems, especially fun, simple ones. Don't laugh, but if only you could see me on any given day when it's chore time. It has my teens' eyes rolling in the back of their heads. It makes me think of how I was as an eighth-grade cheerleader with my rally cry "Go Team Clover!"

In our house, it's "all hands on deck" when it's chore time. We encourage teamwork and expect everyone to pitch in and help when it's time to do chores.

There are many ways to create a system for chores, but here are 5 simple chores systems to help you in your home. You can check out all my favorite products used for creating Chore Systems here!

Simple Chore Systems #1 - The Chore Board

This is my favorite of the simple chore systems and is used most in our home. I prefer using my large, pretty chalkboard, but anything could work. In the past, I've used a whiteboard and laminated poster board.

Step one of this system is to create a list of chores. Next assign weekly and daily chores, making sure the jobs are as evenly distributed as possible. We always chat as a family, deciding who will do which chore, and once that is decided, I will post their assignments on the chalkboard.

The bonus is to have a magnetic chalkboard. This way it's easy for the kids to note when a chore is completed without having to erase anything on the board. This way, when I'm ready to rotate the chores, I'm able to do so with a little bit of spray cleaner. Carefully wiping off one child's name and writing in the new assignee.

Simple Chore System #2 - The Chore Clipboard

Another simple method for the chore system is the clipboard method. Give each child their own clipboard, along with their weekly chore list tucked until the clip.

To create the checklists, write out all the chores that each child needs to get done every week, noting when chores are to be done. I suggest typing up a master checklist for each child so you can easily print off new lists as you need them — or you can also laminate the list and have your kids use a dry-erase marker to check things off as they go. I do find it helpful to print each child's checklist on different colored paper so they can easily tell them apart.

Simple Chore Systems # 3 - The Chore Sticks

The chore sticks system is easy, and generally a big hit with the kids.

Write each chore on a craft stick. Give each child a jar containing the sticks with their assigned chores. I do find it easier if you use large craft sticks (found at craft stores). Use washi tape (or have the child decorate one end of the stick). Once that chore is finished, the child can flip the stick over washi tape (or decorated) side up.

Couple more tips to make this system work smoothly:

1. Use different colored washi tape to differentiate the daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.
2. Add a small picture or drawing of the chore on the stick for pre-readers.

Simple Chore Systems #4 - Chore Packs

Chore packs are comprised of photo cards or index cards with chores listed on them. Kids like these because they can carry them around with a lanyard or on a ring. Another idea for younger, pre-readers would be to take a photo of how the room or task should look when it's done for them to compare it to.

My hack to this system would be to use it in combination with the index box system (see below) This way you can change out weekly chores and have a place to store chore cards not being used on a particular day.

Simple Chore Systems #5 - The Chore Index Cards

I think this is the first system I ever used for chores!

To use this system, write each chore on an index card. Store all cards in a recipe box with a divider for each child's name. When the job is done, simply have the child return the card to the box.

1. Label or color-code each index card to indicate if the card is for daily, weekly, or monthly work.
2. For younger, pre-reading kids, put a photo of the chore to be done on the card as an indicator of how the area should look when they've completed their work.

When we teach our kids to help keep our homes clean and tidy, we are imparting important life skills to them. Make a list, pick a system to try, and get your worker bees buzzing.

Have you tried one of these systems? I'd love to know how it worked for you (and if you tweaked it to make it work better for your family!) Share below!

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