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I wish I could sit down over coffee with each one of you and chat. I love trying to help people tackle their challenges and encourage them to keep going strong on whatever road God has them on. However, since teleportation is not a real life option, I try to encourage through video!

I really enjoy creating videos on my YouTube channel and going “live” on Facebook, Periscope…and soon YouTube Live. I’m weird in thinking that sitting in front of a phone and talking is fun, I know! But I do it anyway. I hope you like it!

Below you can see my latest YouTube videos and details on where to find my live broadcasts. Hope you'll check them out!

Kristi Clover

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I try to put together fun and encouraging videos as often as I can. I hope you enjoy looking through my videos below. Please be sure to “SUBSCRIBE” to my YouTube channel — & click the little “bell” next to the subscription button. This will help you stay up-to-date when new videos are published — and help you get notified when I host a “live” event.


Check out my most popular episodes below!

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*I've created some posts to go along with a few of my videos. They essentially host my “show notes” from my YouTube videos. 

Kristi Clover


I know this is going to sound crazy to so many people, but I really do enjoy doing live videos. One take and done! It’s one of my favorite ways to encourage people. So, I hope you will join me “live!”

Somedays I jump on Instagram or YouTube “live” to share tips or behind the scene moments of what we’re up to. Other days I do little Q & A sessions. Starting in 2022, I will be doing a regular Amazon Live show! Think QVC, but on Amazon. Yep, it’s a thing!

I’d love to have you join me for my next “live” video on Instagram, YouTube, or on Amazon Live. You can set up notifications on most of these venues, so you’ll be notified when I go live. Of course, be sure to follow me on those platforms, too.

My Brand New “Amazon Live” Show!

  • HOME HACKS with Kristi Clover are on Fridays at 12pm PST 

  •  I’ll be jumping on Amazon Live to share simple hacks for your home and mom life. We are kicking off LIVE on Friday, June 3rd

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