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Building a Vibrant Business that Brings You Joy

Building a business you love and that brings you joy is a powerful thing. Years ago when I began my online endeavor I had no idea it would grow to be so dynamic — and so fun! There are a number of things — and people — who have contributed to the success I've experienced through the years.

I've learned things the hard way at times, and I've also tried and tried to make things happen just to see no results. 

On the flip side, I've learned so many valuable lessons through hard work and determination to figure things out. I've discovered more efficient ways to do things, and I've also seen God open doors I could never have imagined.

All in all, my journey as an entrepreneur has been one marked by some amazing opportunities and some incredible experiences. I've had the privilege to meet so many inspiring people along the way and now wish to pass along what I can to others.


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Journey with me...

How I Learned! 

There is definitely an element of researching and networking involved in starting your online business. There are so many things I'd do differently if I were to do it again. Yet, I really believe I made a lot of great choices along the way. I wanted to share a few of the key elements that made big differences along the way.



I attended a couple of blogging and business conferences, but they were expensive and took me away from my family. Between the airfare, hotel room, conference registration, food, and sometimes babysitters back home, the price of “getting educated” definitely added up. The people I met at these conferences were really the greatest treasures. However, all the sessions and workshops always left me feeling like I was trying to drink from a fire hydrant. Tons of great content, but my inability to absorb it all.

Enter my decision to try online business and marketing courses! I'd been hearing about different courses here and there. My first year trying out an online business school I purchased Marie Forleo's B-School. I had discovered Marie Forleo on YouTube and loved her style of live interviewing. The video creator in me totally geeked out. I went back and forth on whether to join B-School for over a year. Finally, I tried it out. Man, I wished I'd done it earlier. Although many of the concepts within the course were things I already had set up within my online business, it was still a great refresher. It helped me to truly define my goals, which I hadn't taken the time to do.

What I really needed = Productivity Hacks! Although I enjoyed B-School and found success in focusing my attention on my goals, I still felt like I was spinning my wheels as my business grew. I had started growing a team, which was a huge lifesaver for my sanity in balancing my business with our family life. Yet, I needed a way to work smarter and not harder! I wanted to stop the hustle of trying to do more with my family and more with my business. If I was podcasting, I wasn't producing videos. If I was producing videos, the podcast had to wait. Honestly, the podcast had taken over most of what I was doing. I had to take a nine-month break from podcasting in order to write my M.O.M.=Master Organizer of Mayhem book. As I prepped for coming back to my business after my big hiatus, I felt overwhelmed. I didn't want to do things the way I had been doing them. I needed help streamlining all the things that I wanted to do within my business…without adding a ton of extra work.

That's when I heard about the Marketing Impact Academy (MIA) opening its doors! II follow Chalene Johnson on most social media outlets. She's so encouraging and the master of multi-purposing content. I had friends who had taken her MIA course and loved it. So, I went for it and joined. MIA was exactly what I needed. Yes, I know much of the business side of things, but I was finally given hacks for how Chalene is able to run her business without the typical hustle. To top it off, my registration got me free entrance for myself and Steve to go to the MIA Live event in Irvine. We both had an amazing time there. Not only did I meet Chalene, but she ended up writing an endorsement for my book.

I'm really honored to be teaming up with Chalene and her team to promote the Marketing Impact Academy. I'm really passionate about helping other people “find simple solutions for a more joy-filled life” — and, boy, as an entrepreneur MIA accomplishes this. I'm so thrilled to get to teach you my best tips for getting through the material and getting the most of your MIA experience. You can check out more about MIA HERE. If the program isn’t open right now, be sure to get on the waitlist. If you are signed up for my business newsletter, then I’ll let you know when it opens and what fun bonuses both Chalene has for the program and the extra goodies I throw in for joining the program with me.

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Ready for some tool hacks...

What I Use


Whether you are an author, speaker, podcaster, blogger, video creator—whatever your passion—you need the right tools of the trade. There are lots of free resources out there. There are also some powerful tools that increase your productivity so well that they are worth the investment.

I created a page with links to my favorite Tech Tools for you that will hopefully serve you well as you figure out which tools are best for you. Included on this page are my recommendations for gear for most online business needs, but also my favorite choices for website, email, store front, and course development platforms. Spoiler: I moved everything to Kajabi. I love having everything I need to run my business in one place–and the thousands of dollars I’m saving by making the switch!

Check out my recommended resources!

Oh, but where to begin...

How to Start


Getting started may feel scary at first. However, I guarantee you will stay stuck if you don't take that first step toward your dreams and building a business that will bring you joy. There is something about exercising your creativity and using your talents and gifting that ignites a passion that will fuel those next steps. 

Yes, there will be tough things that you will need to learn here and there. However, don't let it hold you back. Find the answers. Just keep moving forward. Figure out what you need to do next that will lead you closer to your goal. 

I'm excited to help you along your journey. Whether it's through the resources on this page or through some one-on-one consultation, I hope you will find encouragement along this journey — your journey — toward building a vibrant business that will bring you — and others — tremendous joy!

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Whether you are starting a business or already have a business, I'd love to help you learn how to find more efficient ways of doing things with my Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs.

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