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I joke all the time that by the time my five kids are grown and out of the house, I might have a future in medicine since I already have so much real-life experience. Keeping my family healthy is important for every mom. I love sharing what we do in our house to stay healthy. Meal planning is a key component in how I try to incorporate good healthy habits in my kids (and myself). Nutrition and fitness are also passions of mine. Believe it or not, that was the industry I came out of when I was first out of college. I worked at hospital based fitness facilities helping people get healthy and fit. Somewhere in my #momlife my health ended up taking a back seat.

A Biblical Approach to Renewing Your Mind and Body

Getting healthy and staying healthy is not an easy task. Through the years I've tried a TON of various programs in my quest to get healthy. This course has been designed to share some of my best tips, advice, and resources for losing weight, getting fit, and experiencing health and wellness.

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Your Health is Important, Too!

I know my health is integral to the health of my family. I've been so convicted of this over the years. You've probably seen this acronym before:

J.O.Y = Jesus > Others > Yourself

As much as I believe that we experience more joy when we don't keep ourselves as our primary focus, I also believe that keeping myself healthy helps me to serve others better. When we put ourselves last in every area of life, then we risk poor health, depression, and frustration. I will say that I do believe that this J.O.Y. acronym is right. But we often get stuck on the “O” and forget to ever get to the “Y.”

As we've grown our family — and the fact that I had my last two babies in my late thirties — I've had renewed enthusiasm for getting healthy and staying healthy. Coupled with the fact that we had a really hard summer in 2016 with lots of health issues with our parents. It made me want to do all I can now to have a healthier future with my family — and their kids.

What This Looks Like…

Well, I'm making healthier choices for our whole family and our home environment. Personally, I know this starts with losing the weight that has been creeping on. I've tried a lot of different programs over the years and have two absolute favorites! In the past, I've used a program called Optavia to lose weight (I still love it and recommend it — and coach clients!). Optavia has been a miracle program for me! It has been the most mom-friendly weight loss program I've ever encountered. I've helped over a hundred clients lose weight through the years and get them plugged into the Optavia community.

Weight loss was only part of the health solution I was looking for. I still wanted to find something to help boost my family's health. In 2020, I tried something new: Isagenix! What I've loved about Isagenix is that it's a health solution for my whole family: total nutrition all in one spot.

Isagenix has meal replacement shakes (which I do work for weight loss and maintenance), vitamins, probiotics, protein shakes, healthy energy drinks, pre and post workout drinks (which my husband and teenage boys love), essential oils, and so much more. Believe it or not, they even have healthy chocolate, bone broth, and healthy coffee! See why I love it so much?! Before I felt like I had to buy my healthy products and supplements in multiple places (Optavia, Young Living or doTerra, or Melaleuca…yes, I've tried them all!) Now, I have a one-stop-shop with Isagenix. And, yes, I will admit, I'm an essential oil enthusiast. Yes, I drank the oil infused Kool-Aid years ago and am hooked. I even use them when I cook.

Weight Loss Tip Sheet for Busy Moms!

Since #momlife can often mean we put ourselves at the bottom of our to-do list, I created this Simply Joyful Health: Weight Loss Tip Sheet for Busy Moms to provide you with over 50+ tips to help you start making healthier choices throughout your day. Little choices can make a big difference. I also included information about my favorite Isagenix products and why they are an important part of our family's health regime.

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Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms

​​This Weight Loss Tip Sheet for Busy Moms provides you with over 50 tips to help you start making healthier choices throughout your day. Little choices can make a big difference.

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