The Battle for Homeschool Organization: 5 Tips to Get Your Homeschool Organized

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The Battle for Homeschool Organization

My Top Five Tips to Help You Get Organized!

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I remember when I first started homeschooling. I felt buried by the amount of "stuff" that came with our decision to homeschool. Papers, books, multi-part curriculum, supplies, & more! There was stuff everywhere. Overwhelmed didn't even begin to describe the emotions that were stirring around in my mind. I knew I needed help. However, back when I started homeschooling, the only thing you found when you searched for "homeschool organization" was pictures of pretty homeschool rooms with all their "stuff" put away. This didn't help me one bit. I knew I needed systems in place to get my "stuff" to look pretty.
Really, “pretty” should never be the goal. I just wanted all my homeschool curriculum under control. I didn't need fancy. So my quest began…
For years I tried different ways to get organized until I finally figured out a combination of several different systems that seemed to work for all our various learning stages and styles. I don't use every system every year or with every child. However, one system I love is my crate system. I have a very unique way of organizing using a crate. Basically, I create weekly files of work for each child and put it all in one crate. It’s truly revolutionized my homeschool.
Last year, I finally decided to put all my systems and best tips for homeschool organization into a course. My heart is to help families experience more joy in their homeschooling and ditch the buried feeling we so often feel when things are in disarray.

In all my years of homeschooling and helping others get organized both in their home and in their homeschool, I’ve come up with these 5 tips that will help you get organized.

My Top Five Tips to Get Your Homeschool Organized

1. Have a plan of attack — This is my fun way of saying, “Make a list.” Write down all the things that are driving you crazy in the realm of homeschooling and all the stuff. Is your inbox a mess? Do you even have an inbox? Are you behind in grading? Do your kids leave their papers everywhere? Write it all down. This is now your battleground. How will you conquer? Well, first…

2. Give a battle cry — It’s okay to be frustrated with your homeschool and all the disorder around you. It’s a lot. You need to remind yourself that you are not just a homeschool mom. You are 100% mom and teacher and homemaker. These are three full-time jobs all rolled up into one. It’s okay to vent. So, I’m actually challenging you to give out a little battle cry, “I will not be defeated by you, Mess!” Yep! I gave him a name. Mess. That was purposely capitalized. Mess is your enemy. Not your kids. Not you. Mess. So focus your frustration on defeating him, not anyone else.

3. Enlist the troops — If there is basic clutter and homeschool work to be put away, then for heaven’s sake, don’t do this alone. Your infantry needs to help out, too. Get your kids involved in helping you clean up. Make it fun. Don’t just bark out orders. However, the more they see “victory” — a clean space — the more they will get excited about what they have accomplished. Plus you are helping them to learn how to clean up.

4. Ready your weapons —Now that you have your plan of attack, look for a common theme. Above you can see that these issues all center around the “where to put work when you are done with it.” So, that is a system problem. Get an inbox. Start there. Of course, the best weapon in the battle against homeschool mess is to get a crate. I love my crate. Again, I have an entire program that is designed to explain what “weapons” you need and how to use them. However, basic file folders and hanging folders are a good place to start.

5. Do a victory dance! — As you find even small victories, celebrate! It’s a never-ending battle. So, you need to find success in the little things. Did you get most of the stuff off the floor? Great! Did your kids remember to put a book back on the shelf? Perfect! Don’t get so focused on having everything perfect all the time. It just won’t be. So, celebrate when and where you can. Hey, even surviving a week of homeschool — mess and all — is worth celebrating.

You can do this! You can get organized. The key is to make sure your focus is in the right place. Yes, you and the kids made the mess. But that’s not the enemy. I wish so much I could go and visit and help you draw up your battle plan. I love helping families get organized. That’s pretty much why I designed my course. It’s literally me sitting down in front of a camera talking to you. Encouraging you. So, I like to tell people to grab a cup of coffee or tea and watch.

Again, know that perfect is not the goal. That’s impossible. Just take it one day at a time. Also, know you are not alone. Most homeschool families struggle with getting organized.

I’d love to help however I can. Here are a few resources that I can offer:

My Ultimate Homeschool Organization Course! It’s on sale now — plus if you use CLOVER10 you can get an additional $10 off either the digital or the DVD version of the course.

Homeschool Consultation. I just added this to my store. Sometimes it just helps to talk to a homeschool veteran mom.

Homeschool Basics: How to Get Started, Keep Motivated, and Bring Out the Best in Your Kids! — My new book! It should be out in the next couple of weeks, but we are taking pre-sales now. I co-wrote this book with Tricia Goyer, a homeschool mom of 10. This book is my heart for homeschool families on pages. I hope you’ll check it out.

Some free resources:
I have a homeschool page on my blog that has tons of posts on homeschooling.

I also have a homeschool resource page with lists of resources for all different subjects and basics.

I have a YouTube channel that has tons of videos on homeschooling…I even let you see my homeschool when it’s messy. I’m getting ready to film a “How To Homeschool” series.

You can do this! It won’t happen overnight. But victory is coming!

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