Fall Fashion Finds at Ann Taylor Loft

fashion finds favorite things home + family Nov 12, 2021
Here are my fall fashion finds including my Ann Taylor Loft Haul

Fun Fashion Finds

I don’t often get out to shop for myself beyond my Target and Costco runs. Typically, I'll grab what I need while at one of these large superstores. I almost forget that there are stores that actually specialize in women's fashion. With a family wedding coming up and the holidays, I figured it was time to venture out and add a few new pieces to my wardrobe. The fact that I just lost 20 pounds was a great excuse to go to one of my favorite stores, too: Ann Taylor Loft.

The bonus was that the Loft happened to have an amazing sale going on. I wanted to share some of my fun finds along with the current sale info. I know they’ll be running other sales as we approach the holidays, too. I don't typically do "fashion" posts, but I just started using a great new platform for sharing my new "finds" — home, fashion, and all things #momlife — and thought it'd be the perfect time to start blogging about it.

I'm not sure if you are familiar with Like To Know It (now just LTK), but they are a one-stop-shop for inspiration and great finds. I've been having fun following new people and seeing how people decorate their homes, use products I've been considering getting, and put outfits together. I'd love to have you join me over there. Follow my shop @KristiClover on the LTK app to shop my posts (like the one below) and get exclusive app-only content. I love seeing all that people share on the app. Yes, you have to get the app to follow people and be able to add favorites (which is how I organize my finds). I'm just getting started. But have already created several posts with links to my favorite finds.

The girls and me before heading out to a family bridal shower in my new Loft dress — and their new purses

If you saw my Instagram story the other day, you saw me going back and forth on whether I should get a super cute dachshund sweater. As a new dachshund mama, it was really hard to say no. But after sharing about the sweater, I had a bunch of people as for the link. I decided to throw it on my post and in my LTK shop.

My Ann Taylor Loft Finds

Here are all the direct links to all my fun new finds for this fall. Click any of the Ann Taylor Loft links below and be sure to add STOCKUP at checkout. I'm not sure when this sale ends, but there is typically a sale code at the top of their site.

(The earrings I'm wearing in the picture are from Francesca's and aren't in the store any longer.)

Other Fun Mentions

Not everything in the picture is from Ann Taylor Loft. The girls are wearing some hand-me-down dresses and I'm wearing some wedges that I've had for years. But I found some lookalikes to share.

I have lots more fun things to share. I hope you'll head over to LTK and follow me there and start having fun shopping around. I getting ready to finish decorating a few rooms in my house and will be sharing through this app and of course on Instagram and YouTube.

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