Garage Organization and Decluttering: Kristi's Strategies and Steps

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Garage Organization and Decluttering: Kristi's Strategies and Steps

Garage Organization and Decluttering: Kristi's Strategies and Steps  

Garage Organization. Yup, the dreaded words that can strike terror into the most diehard organizer. 😀 But, it is time. It's gonna be exciting, and it'll be a lot of work. But, I thought, why not take you guys on the journey with me?

Snowball Effect That Thwarts Garage Organization

In our house, one of the ways we keep counters as clear as possible is to move things into the garage. The garage becomes a catchall. And there is a snowball effect as well.  We move things from one room, which then shifts other things. Pretty soon we don't have any garage organization. Can you identify?  So here's the deal.  Give yourself grace. It's ok.  It will all get organized in time.

Time For A Slice of Humble Pie

In this video, I will humbly show you my massively messy garage. It's really bad — huge boxes, clothing bins, Christmas, 17 years worth of baby clothes. Not a shred of garage organization to be seen here! But just wait...

I will also show you the two phases in the process, how I sorted everything and the categories I used, and I will also show you what I did AFTER the garage sale.

Psst: I also get a bit distracted by running off to show you how my kids found another Chrysalis. We have like a butterfly sanctuary going on right now. Seriously. But back to garage organization...

Two Key Things:

Here's a sneak peek of two key things:

  • Don't try to take care of all the fine details. The key is to get things into the categories they belong in.
  • It's important to create a timeline for yourself. In my case, I created a Salvation Army pickup date to spur me along. 


Ready to go? Watch now!

Have you done any garage organization lately?  I'd love to hear if this inspired you!


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