How to Homeschool Art

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How to Homeschool Art!

How to Homeschool ART!

Curriculum, Programs, Books, Supplies — & More!

Welcome to my “How to Homeschool” Series! Today, I'm sharing all about art! Our family loves art! I always have my eye out for a new great art book or program. The last few years most of my kids have taken art at co-op, however, we always supplement at home, too. In this video, I go through and show you all my favorite curriculum, programs, books, and supplies. I even share some great tips on how to organize it.

Enjoy the video! & check out all the great links & resources below!

Here are all the awesome resources discussed

Online Programs
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CreativLei: Love Your Lettering:
For those of you who might have slightly older kids looking to learn how to do some amazing lettering, check out CreativLei! My sweet friend Lisa over at CreativLei has a really cool series on how to learn to create beautiful lettering. Be sure to check that out as well HERE.

Art Curriculum

Drawing with Children
God & the History of Art
I Can Do All Things!

Fun Books on Art

I Can Make it Myself
Art Treasury
Making Amazing Art
I Can Draw Animals
I Can Draw People
How to Draw 101 Animals
1-2-3 Draw

Fun Art Projects

My Pretty Mosaic
Zoom Mosaic

Coloring Books

Big and Little Coloring Devotional
Color Cute Coloring Book

Art Supplies

Color Appeel Crayon Sticks
Twistable Crayons
Art Smocks

Art Storage & Organization

Craft Pocket
Craft Organizer
Ziploc Bags
Box with Lid
Display wire/rings

Find more Homeschooling Resources here! 

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