How to Order & Get Started on the Best Weight Loss Program for Busy People

health weight loss Jan 23, 2017
How to Order the Best Weight Loss Program for Busy People! I've tried so many programs to lose weight through the years & Optavia is the easiest program I've found for this busy mom.

Easy "Step-by-Step" Guide to Help You Place Your First Optavia Order

Losing weight and keeping it off has been a struggle for me for years...especially with a few back-to-back pregnancies. That whole “the weight will just melt off when you’re nursing” thing never worked for me. I had to work really hard to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. After my last pregnancy, I discovered Optavia thanks to my mom.

The results were amazing! The first time I did Optavia I lost 30 pounds in 7 weeks*. I was so excited, but…I didn’t listen to the advice to transition back into a normal healthy diet. I took my 40th birthday “off” to enjoy my cake and tacos…and never went back on the plan. In fact, I decided to just eat whatever I wanted and jump back into all my old habits.

As I’m sure you can guess, the weight came back on and the scale jumped back up. To top it all off, I started writing and blogging more, which meant I was more sedentary than I’d ever really been before. My top weight was 185. I about fell over when I realized just how much I’d let myself go...

(I share more about my weight loss journey and what I feel makes Optavia so different from all the other diets I've tried through the years HERE!)

...Basically, I'm back on my Optavia plan and want to encourage more people to get to their goal weight in 2019!

I'm offering my new book Simply Joyful Health: Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms for FREE. Learn more about the program and enjoy my best tips for losing weight. This book will be an amazing resource for you as you begin your weight loss journey. Plus, I filled it with practical tips to help you get the most out of the Optavia program.

Since I'm a busy homeschooling mom of five and an entrepreneur, I decided to create this eBook (and a private Facebook group for my team) to help you reach your lifelong health goals. I'm not your typical health coach. But as a mom who has tried just about every diet out there, I know what you need to optimize your success with this plan and I know how to help you do the same.

So, if you are game to give this weight loss thing one more try, then join me! I'll be losing weight right along with you. 

Placing Your First Order

Alrighty! Are you ready? Well, let’s go through a few quick things before we officially get started. The very first thing you want to do is to place your order, so you can get your “meals” on their way to you. It usually takes about 5 to 7 days to receive your order. So, I don’t want to waste any time.

A Few Things to Note Before You Place Your First Order

1) Ordering Dr. A's Habits of Health book and Living a Longer, Healthier Life companion guide are a MUST! Optavia is all about educating you about how to achieve your "optimal" health. Dr. Andersen is the co-founder of Optavia. These two books really are a necessity for your success in this program. When you add them to your first order, you get them at a 25% discount. If you want more information about why I think they are so amazing, then check out my post on My Weight Loss Journey. I explain more about them in the "What Makes Optavia So Different" section. Please trust me on this!

2) Get a kit your first month, just to keep things easy! It’s actually not that hard to customize your order. I'll explain how when you sign up to get my eBook. However, I just want to make this as simple as possible for you. I suggest the Essential Optimal Kit with the Habits of Health System (5&1 Plan®), mainly because I like the meal selections in it better than the other kits.

3) Sign up for the Optavia Premier program and get 5 FREE boxes of meals & FREE Shipping on your first order!! The program is free! It’s also a great way to never run out of food. Take it from me, since I almost ran out one month because I didn’t order enough food. 

4) Make sure you always order at least 22 “meal” boxes each month. Each box contains 7 meals. You want to make sure you have enough meals for 30 days. You will be eating 5 replacement meals per day. So, that comes out to about 22 boxes per month. I like to have a few extra just in case I’m having a hard day and need an extra meal. This is why you’ll see that I recommend 24 total meal boxes for your first month. Do know that the “snack” boxes are extras and don’t count toward your daily “meals.” So, you will still want 22 meal replacement boxes even if you get some yummy snacks each month. (Plus you get free shipping each month you order at least 13-14 boxes with the BeSlim Club.)

5) Be sure to check out my chapter on “Optavia Tips” in my eBook! I break down how to organize your “meals” for the day. Again, you can get the book HERE. You definitely want to be sure to order enough "on the go" type meals, too. Bars are my favorite.

Handy Tools to Have on Hand

1) Body Weight Scale  — You will be weighing yourself daily. So, you’ll want a good scale to help you measure your success.

2) Food Scale — Part of the Lean & Green diet is measuring your lean protein. If you are eating a protein that fits in the “leanest” category, then you get 7oz. of meat. You will want to make sure you get all your protein for the day. Sometimes you may want to divide up your protein for the day. So, knowing how much you are getting is really important.

3) Fit Bit — This is completely optional. However, I really like knowing how active I’ve been throughout the day. During your first few weeks, you don’t want to do any extra exercise. (I'll explain why in the book.) However, after that timeframe, you will want to start moving a bit. I’ve found that my weight loss plateaus if I do too much activity since I'm consuming so few calories. My FitBit helps me figure this out.

4) Lose It For Life Day by Day Devotional by Stephen Arterburn — Probably one of the best daily devotionals to go through while dieting. I don't agree with all of his weight loss tips in his book Lose It For Life, but this devotional is great. As a Christian, I believe that the best way to have success with any endeavor is to lean on God for strength. My weight loss endeavor is no different.

Step-by-Step Guide for Placing Your First Order

If you are interested in joining my team and placing your first order, then here's how:

1. Go to
* You should see my name and coach ID on the top right side of this page.
2. Click on "Shop" (you should still see my picture on the menu bar)
3. I highly recommend starting with a kit. I like this one: Essential Optimal Kit with the Habits of Health System (5&1 Plan®)
(Please feel free to look around at all the products they have. You will want to find products under the 5&1 Plan/Fueling. You need at least 22 meals each month to make sure you have enough food for the month.)
4. Click on "Add' to cart.
5. Go to your cart and check out.
6. You can add things from that screen or just "Proceed to Check Out"
7. Click on the New Client "Continue to Check Out"
8. Then just follow all the steps to check out. If they mention the Optavia Premier program, be sure to sign-up for that. It's free and gets you free shipping and other bonuses.

That's really it. I should receive an email that you signed up. If you don't get a Welcome email from me with your first video, then be sure to email me! Just email me at [email protected] You'll get seven emails with TONS of advice for getting started!! Plus information about access to our private Facebook group.

* As you'll see in my videos and posts about successful weight loss, you REALLY need to make sure you get the Dr. A's Habits of Health book and the Living a Longer, Healthier Life: The Companion Guide to Dr. A's Habits of Health! We are going to be going through these books together as part of our online coaching.

Let me know if you have any problems placing your Optavia order!! Remember to go to my site to place your order:

*This is my official Optavia site. My coach ID will be on the top of the page: 823489658

* A Few Tips on Picking your 5 FREE Optavia Meal Replacements with your First Order *

You can select five different items or five of one meal. It’s up to you. When you are done selecting meals, just click “Add Free Meals.” If you accidentally add too many of one item or change your mind, just click on the “-“ button to remove an item. I highly recommend the Optavia Cinnamon Swirl Cake, the Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits, and all the chocolate options. NOTE: I suggest picking 5 Optavia products as your FREE boxes. They are normally a bit more than the other Medifast boxes.

LAST: Do a little happy dance! You are all set to go!

What's Next?

Once your account has been processed I'll email you with a welcome letter and your free eBook. You can get started reading and learning about how to be on your way to weight loss success.

I'm so excited! Thanks for joining me and starting your own weight loss journey!

* Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. The average fat loss is 10 pounds.
* This material has been produced by Kristi Clover, an Independent Certified Optavia Coach, and is not official material prepared or provided by Optavia.

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