Laundry Hacks: How to "Sort S.M.A.R.T."

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Laundry Hacks -- How to Simplify Getting Your Laundry Done

Laundry Hacks: How to "Sort S.M.A.R.T."

How to Simplify Getting Your Laundry Done

Laundry can become an all-consuming task if we let it get the best of us! As a mom of five, laundry has kinda become my thing. It sounds funny to call it that, but when you have seven people living under one roof you are kinda forced to figure out better ways to do things or you will literally become buried in piles of clothes. I put together these fun #LaundryHacks as part of a TV segment that I did for KUSI San Diego's Good Morning San Diego. It was so fun to go in and share some of my favorite laundry tips and products.

And, before you ask, YES! we love the FlipFold!! Everyone has been asking me about it. It's from the Container Store and has made laundry one of the favorite chores in my home. Really! In my new book, M.O.M.=Master Organizer of Mayhem, I share how it's important to have the right tools when it comes to training kids to help. That's exactly what the FlipFold Jr has become. It's the right tool and a fun tool for getting laundry done. When you make tasks fun, kids are more willing to help out. (By the way, when you pre-order my new book before it officially comes out on September 3rd, you will get a free audio series on "Training Kids to Help!" It's based on one of the chapters in the book and has SO many more fun tips!)

The S.M.A.R.T. Way to Sort Your Laundry

If you watch my KUSI segment, you'll hear me explain more about these tips. But I wanted to list them all out here along with the fabulous products that were a gift from the Container Store and Costco.

S = Separate by person! Don't waste time checking labels, just keep clothes separate for faster folding.

M = Mesh bags are a must! Put your "don't go in the dryer"clothes in mesh bags, so everyone knows not to put certain clothes in the dryer.

A = Avoid the need to iron!: Bring your hangers to the laundry room and fold immediately. Everyone LOVED seeing the FlipFold Jr demonstrated on the show (and on Instagram), so here's the link! We are LOVING OURS!!! They come in a variety of colors.

FlipFold (for adult-sized clothes)
FlipFold Jr (for kid-sized clothes)
Non-slip hangers for adults
Non-slip hangers for kids
Hanging bar for over the door
Laundry center with hanging rod and basket

R = Remember to switch your loads! Use a portable timer or your cell phone to make sure you switch loads!

Cell phone (use your timer app)

T = Temperature sorting! Sort your clothes by bleed factor and water temperature: Cold, Warm, and Hot!

3 bag laundry sorter with folding tabletop 

Check out the fun segment I did on Good Morning San Diego!!

For more great #LaundryHacks be sure to get a copy of my new book, M.O.M.=Master Organizer of Mayhem. There's a whole chapter filled with tips for getting laundry done more efficiently.

* Be sure to check out a few of the fun behind-the-scenes photos that my son took while we were there. There's even a little clip from the teaser footage that they shot. They are all in a post I shared on Instagram: HERE!

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