Organizing My Messy Homeschool Room

homeschool homeschool organization Aug 05, 2016
Organizing My Messy Homeschool Room -- 3 Simple Tips

How I Organize My Messy Homeschool Room

"BAM!" Yep, that's the sound that comes to mind when I look at my homeschool room right now. It pretty much looks like a bomb went off in it. It's not pretty. However, believe it or not, there is a method to the madness.

Destroying Order to Bring Order!

Okay, so destroying is probably a harsh word for what I'm doing. I'm basically going section by section and creating tons of piles in order to group like things together. That's the key! Group!

I put next year's curriculum in one area by subject and child. I sort all of next year's read-aloud books out, then put them in the order that we'll get to them on my bookshelf. As I'm sorting and grouping, I'm also gutting out what we no longer need to have on shelves and in the room. Organizing spaces is all about grouping like things together—even if it gets a bit messy in the process.

Storing for Another Day!

So, all those items that just got "gutted" out of my bookshelves and off desks get put into a series of boxes I have in my schoolroom. I have boxes for curriculum subjects not in use: math, science, preschool/kindergarten, and language arts. I also have boxes for history books and my curriculum. Since we go through history sequentially in our homeschool, I put the books we used last year back in their designated box and pull out this year's. What I love about my history boxes is that as I find fun books or art projects, I just stick them in their correct boxes. I have Geography, Ancient history, Medieval History, American history (through 1850), and then 1850 to Modern times.

Close Out Last Year's Material!

The biggest offender in my schoolroom right now is last year's work. We hadn't fully closed out our year. I actually paid my older boys to finish grading all the last tests and to file all the work in our filing system. Best money I spent all summer.

My Favorite Organizing Tool: My Labeler!

Want to See Just How Bad My Homeschool Room Looks as I'm Organizing? 

It's pretty bad right now! Like I said, "BAM!" Don't believe me, then watch this video. I do mention a few great tips here about how to organize my crate and what I do with workbooks that I'll use again with other kids. So, don't miss watching it.


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