“Scripturizing” Your Home: 10 Ways to Add Scripture Around Your House

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10 Ways to Add Scripture to Your Home

“Scripturizing” Your Home: 10 Ways to Add Scripture Around Your House

I love having Scripture around my house. Aside from being a great conversation piece, I like having the daily reminder of God's promises all around me and my family. I used to get analysis paralysis as I tried to figure out which Scripture to put where. I mean, shouldn't I have "Taste and see that the Lord is good" in my kitchen? Ha!

Well, I've learned to simplify how we do it and just kind of started adding beautiful art and handwritten notecards all around my house. Nothing too fancy or difficult. I've also taken notes from friends who have God's Word up around their house, too. 

Tie all that together with the fact that I love inventing new words and you have: Scripturizing!

Scripturizing = The art of decorating, or accessorizing, one's home with Scripture.

Ha! Actually, I've been using this word for a long time. I needed a good word to describe my passion for adding Scripture around the house. Thus, "scripturizing" was born.

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is found in Deuteronomy 6:1-9. It talks about how we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind. It also tells us to share God's Truth with our children all day long. But, one of the other elements in this passage is all about putting God's Word where we'll be constantly reminded of them, like on our "doorframes" and on our "gates." So, I like to think that Scripturizing is a fun way of doing just this--keeping God's Word visible for everyone to see.

Since I don't want anyone to get stalled out in their endeavor to Scripturize their own home, I figured I'd get you started with a few easy-to-implement ideas to start you off.


To warn you I chicken out of most DIY projects. They have to be really easy for me to tackle. A few of my favorite, simple DIY Scripture hacks have been using large index cards to write out a memory verse or favorite verse. I've printed them with pretty fonts and I've just written them out. Often, I'm just taping the verse to my bathroom mirror. However, we're talking about getting Scripture visible, so here are a few fun ideas to make these notecards pop.


Use these little clips to put your handwritten verses around the house. Place them in spots where you find yourself frequently: by the sink in your bathroom and kitchen, at your place at the table, next to your stovetop, on your desk—really anywhere you'll be sure to see it.

Pretty Clipboard

I love this beautiful clipboard for hanging verses, maybe mixed with a few photos. This could be a fun way to post each family members' memory verses, too. I found this one at DaySpring.

Pedestal Clipboard

These little cuties came from Michael's. I love it. I have it on my desk and use it for memory verses and to-do lists. Really, any cute little clipboard could work. Hobby Lobby has really cute clipboard ideas, too.

Buy It Pre-Made!

Main Christian stores carry already made artwork that has Scripture on it. Don't think of it as lazy. Think of it as done. Buy it. Bring it home. Get it on the wall. I have two favorite stores for buying such items. Here they are.


I love all things DaySpring. I have to admit that I probably buy more of their home decor items than cards, but I can't help myself. I love all their beautiful Scripture art and decor. (& click here to listen to my conversation with James Barnett, president of DaySpring!)

Hobby Lobby

I know I'm probably the last person to finally find Hobby Lobby, but now that I've been inside I'm not sure I can stop myself from going regularly — especially after having the opportunity to talk with the family who owns Hobby Lobby. Yep! You heard me right! I had the amazing opportunity to interview Jackie Green and her daughter, Lauren McAfee. They are amazing women —- and Hobby Lobby has an amazing story. You can listen to their podcast interview HERE.


Okay, so this is really a combo of the last two tips. If you are talented enough to do some fancy hand-lettering, then this is a DIY project for you. If you are like me and would need days of focus to produce something worthy of framing, then I highly recommend my friend Ruth Simons of Gracelaced! She has gorgeous handwritten Scripture. I LOVE all she does. I bought several of her 8x10 pieces and gave a few as gifts and have the others around the house. I had Ruth on the podcast, too. You can listen in HERE.

Framed Art

This is probably my favorite piece that Ruth has created. I bought one as a gift for my mom-in-law and one for our home. What's fun is that this verse is also available on a mug. I can't think of a better verse to have staring at you first thing in the morning as you enjoy coffee or tea.

Canvas Art

If you don't want a framed piece of art, then you can also try Scripture on canvas. Ruth has several pieces available on her site.

Vinyl Wall Art

My friend Renee has Scripture all over her house. I always love seeing which verses she's chosen to put around her home. As I mentioned before, I get analysis paralysis when it comes to picking which verses to put where. But what Renee shared with me is that the vinyl verses on her walls were really easy to change out. So, these are really great options to add a little Truth around the house. Renee is actually really great at memorizing Scripture. Her whole family memorizes chapters at a time. I had her share some amazing tips for Scripture memorization HERE. You'll love them!

Verses on the Wall

This is just one example of TONS of vinyl verses you can find on Amazon. The fonts vary, size varies, and the color even varies. Just type in a portion of the Scripture you are looking for and see what pops up. You can even type in the color, too. You can check out more HERE.

Chalkboards & White Boards

I'm a huge fan of using framed chalkboards and chalkboard pens. You can prop a small one up on a stand or mount a large chalkboard up on the wall. Then if you really want to get simple, just put a whiteboard on the counter and change out your verses regularly. My friend has a really fancy plaque that she uses as a whiteboard. So, you can even get fancy with your wipe-away options (I also found this cute, not-so-fancy ceramic whiteboard).

Framed Chalkboards

I can't tell you how much I love framed chalkboards. I have a huge one with our kids' chore list on it. I have tons of colorful chalkboard pens, too. It's a great way to write verses or lists that you don't want to have erased right away. There is a special spray that you can use to change out your verses. But these special pens do keep little fingers from wiping away what you wrote.

Fancy Whiteboard

As I said, there are all kinds of options for whiteboards. I'm a bit of a whiteboard enthusiast. I have a simple whiteboard from our school board that I pull out from time to time and write verses on. Sometimes I add character qualities that I'm trying to learn (or should I say "teach").

I hope you liked these fun ideas--and start incorporating a few of them around your home. 

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