SJP #004: Pam Barnhill - Taking Back Your Mornings! Tips for a Better Start to Your Day!

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SJP Episode #004 with Pam Barnhill Taking Back Your Mornings! Tips for a Better Start to Your Day!

Simply Joyful Podcast — Pam Barnhill: Taking Back Your Mornings! Tips for a Better Start to Your Day! 

This is an exciting episode for me! I have no idea how I missed the whole podcasting revolution when it was starting. Somehow I did. Yet, when my friend was talking about all the encouragement she received from listening to Pam Barnhill's podcast, my eyes were officially opened to the world of podcasting. I'm so thrilled to have Pam on the show today. I'm a big believer in gleaning from others and tweaking what they do to work in your own family. Well, that is not only the advice that Pam is going to give today, but she's just the person to glean from.

I've pretty much decided that I need to move next door to Pam, so I can check books out from her library. I hate to say it but I was ignorant to so many of the books that she mentioned. Upon looking them up, they all look so adorable. I think my younger kids would love them. Don't get me wrong. We do a ton of reading…and have read several of the Hank the Cowdog books. However, I'm realizing that I haven't been checking out some of the great books I used to get for my older boys.

I just know you are going to love this podcast and will learn so much from Pam and her incredible tips about how to create more structure and order to your morning time.

In this episode you are going to be inspired to take back your mornings. Whether you are a homeschool family or not, mornings set the tone for your entire day. Pam shares some incredible insight into how to add more structure to your mornings.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Pam! Get ready to be encouraged!

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Highlights from This Show:

  • Yes, you heard me right. Pam has three podcasts: Your Morning BasketHomeschool Snapshots, and  The Homeschool Solutions Show.
  • Carol's DVD series that Pam mentions: Homeschool Made Simple
  • I love all Pam had to say about remembering to have fun with her kids.
  • Pam shares a fun tip from Mystie Winkler: Make a note to smile at your kids.
  • I have a related post about having fun with your kids filled with tons of ideas HERE.
  • Pam's Your Morning Basket kit
  • Minimum Viable Morning: How to find a few little things to work on and create habits that help your mornings run smoother. For moms who need extra help in the mornings.
  • My Sanity Saver for Mom's tips: Start your mornings off right.
  • Morning Time is starting the day off at the table doing some school work together.
  • Pam shares her best tips for creating routines and rituals in your day.
  • Don't forget to add music and praise into your morning time if it's something your family enjoys.
  • You can follow some of the rituals that your church uses in your home, too.
  • Side note: I'm totally confessing that I didn't know what “liturgical” was when Pam mentioned it. Just in case you might be unfamiliar with it, here's what I found. Yes, I'm probably admitting my ignorance and may be the only person who wasn't familiar with this term. (I'd heard it before, but couldn't define it).
  •  Ha! Flashback!! The Mandrel Sisters! Do you remember them?
  •  I loved hearing how she had a party for Shakespeare's birthday. Ha! That's so fun.
  • My post about how I manage my home and homeschool while my husband travels.
  • “I always feel better when my mornings are organized.” — Pam Barnhill
  • “What are the basic little habits that you need to put in place for yourself so you can have the very best homeschool day.?” — Pam Barnhill
  • “Don't forget to have fun with your kids.” — Pam Barnhill
  • “Remember to smile at your kids, too.” — Pam Barnhill
  • Pam's Simple Ways to Add Joy to Her Week: A bubble bath whenever possible, little treats for yourself, learning by continuing to read or taking classes, and finding regular time to worship. 


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