SJP #005: Jill Savage - No More Perfect Marriages: A Candid Conversation on Marriage & How to Better Affair Proof Yours!

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SJP Episode #005 with Jill Savage No More Perfect Marriages A Candid Conversation on Marriage & How to Better Affair Proof Yours!

Simply Joyful Podcast — Jill Savage - No More Perfect Marriages: A Candid Conversation on Marriage & How to Better Affair Proof Yours!

Marriage! We're talking about marriage today! It's perfect timing with Valentine's Day here. I know this episode is going to be such an incredible blessing to you! My lovely guest Jill Savage is sharing from her new book, No More Perfect Marriages. She gets very vulnerable and talks about her husband's infidelity and how that impacted their family. I know you will be encouraged as she shares very practical advice about how you can work to affair proof your own marriage by being more aware of the “slow fades” that you may have.

In this episode Jill is sharing some amazing insight on marriage. She and her husband Mark wrote a blog series called “No More Perfect Marriages,” which tells of the story of their marriage going through a horrendous crisis. God asked them to share their story which is where their book No More Perfect Marriages was designed. Their story is ultimately a story written for every marriage, in any stage.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jill! Get ready to be encouraged!


 Highlights from This Show:

  • Why we often enter into marriage with an unrealistic expectations of the “perfect marriage” and how we often handle it.
  • How society influences us and we play the comparison game to our life.
  • The new book is based on the insides of the Savage's very real marriage.
  • The meaning of the “Perfection Infection” 
  • Jill talks about how despite doing everything right, infidelity still became apart of their story.
  • Jill shares her biggest affair proofing tip for marriage and the slow fade of minimizing.
  • What is the “Naked Email Challenge?” and what it has been renamed to.
  • Jill will be speaking at Hearts at Home this year!
  • “Marriage is hard work. There are hard days, hard years, and hard times.” — Kristi Clover 
  • “Most of us don't expect ourselves, husbands, or our kids to be perfect. But the truth is, when imperfect shows up, we don't handle it very well.” — Jill Savage
  • “We were doing all the right things: date nights, speaking each others love languages, being intentional about time with each other. So, how did infidelity become apart of our story?” — Jill Savage
  • “When we put our guards down and allow little nagging things pull us away, Satan will jump on that opportunity, because he is opportunistic!” — Kristi Clover
  • “If we rise above and treat others better than they treat us and depend on God to do that, it is an “unhuman-able” experience!” — Jill Savage
  • 1 Peter 5:8 (ESV)
  • Romans 12:9-18 (ESV)


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