SJP #016: Lisa Whittle: How to Deal with Mommy Fear

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SJP Episode #016 with Lisa Whittle How to Deal with Mommy Fear

Simply Joyful Podcast — Lisa Whittle: How to Deal with Mommy Fear

Mommy fear is a real thing. I have struggled for years with fear and anxiety. I've learned how to combat it with God's Word and lots of prayer. In fact the timing of this podcast interview with Lisa was so amazing, since I had just written a guest post about mommy fear for The Better Mom. I had Lisa's book sitting on my desk waiting it's turn to be read for the podcast interview…and I had no idea it was about putting “your warrior boots on” to fight fear. See, amazing.

So, I just know this episode is for you if you have ever struggled with fear, anxiety, or worry. I hope you will learn to put your warrior boots on, too! Get ready to be encouraged!

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  Highlights from This Show:

  • Lisa talks about how she brings simplicity to her life by saying “no” in a healthy way. She’s learned to rest in a healthy no and that has carried on into her family. Be sure to listen to all she has to say about this on the show.
  • Lisa shares the story about when a woman told her that she felt Lisa was fearless after listening to her speak. Lisa says she was deeply impacted upon hearing this feedback because she felt anything but fearless. She discusses how she felt God was helping her to see that He wasn’t defining her as “fearless,” but He was calling her to let go of her fear and rise to her spiritual potential.
  • I mention that I sometimes feel like the more anxious or worried I am the better prepared I might be if anything horrible might happen. I literally play out scenarios in my mind. Listening to Lisa helped me to realize that I need to rise up out of this mentality of trying to be brave or strong enough and just let God be present.
  • Lisa talks about the time she made a list of everything she could do if she were brave enough and how it made her feel even worse.
  • She says that we don’t know what the word “brave” means anymore. We call cancer patients and soldiers overseas brave. Yet, we define people's menial bold decisions, like dying their hair a different color, brave.
  •  John 16:33
  • Lisa talks about how the safest and the best place to be is not in our schedules, and it’s not in our controlling things, but it’s in the care of God.
  • Psalm 99:1
  • “The Bible is a book of preparation.” —Lisa Whittle
  • Lisa tells us about the 3 types of warrior boots that she brings up in her book. Lisa says that warrior boots is an analogy of strength: Boots of Standard, Boots of Strength, and Boots of Trust. She brings up Deuteronomy 30, about how life is all about choice and not feelings.
  • Deuteronomy 30:19-20a
  • I ask Lisa to tell us more about her term “God-ish living.” Lisa said she came up with the term when a friend asked her what she thought the church’s biggest problem was. She says she immediately remembered the verse from 2 Timothy 3:5, “…having a form of godliness, but denying its power,” and the term was born.
  • “We lack that supernatural power because we don’t have the depth that it takes to really walk through this world strong.” —Lisa Whittle
  • She says God wants us to be holy and godlike because He knows that’s what helps and fortifies our life.
  • The Bible tells us to “stand firm and hold fast to what you believe,” (2 These. 2:15) but we can’t do that when we’re lying to ourselves and saying “I’m good enough.” Good without God is nothing.
  • Lisa talks about rising up as moms. She says mommy anger has a spiritual component, a righteous anger against Satan in which she tells him that he can’t control her fears and her kids.
  • “Ephesians 1 talks about how God is the highest authority in this entire world, in this universe, and He is never going to relinquish His title…we are to walk through this world with the understanding of the covering of that authority.” —Lisa Whittle
  • I told a story about a friend who was a missionary in India who literally cast demons out of people. She shared about how those people said that they could “see” the power of God in people, but could also tell that most Christians weren't aware they have this power. It made me realize that I should be living my life with the awareness that the Holy Spirit truly lives in me and that I have great potential through Him. 
  • Romans 8:15


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