SJP #029: Katie Davis Major: Daring to Hope in the Face of Adversity

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SJP Episode #029 with Katie Davis Major Daring to Hope in the Face of Adversity

Simply Joyful Podcast — Katie Davis Major: Daring to Hope in the Face of Adversity 

I’m so excited to have this week’s special guest, Katie Davis Majors. Most of you are familiar with Katie by her maiden name, Katie Davis — the New York Times bestselling author of Kisses from Katie. Her new book, Daring to Hope, is amazing. Katie truly is a gifted writer. For those of you who are not familiar with Katie, she actually moved to Uganda over a decade ago, with no idea that it would be the place that God would call her to build her home and her family. Today, she is the wife of Benji and mom to her fourteen favorite people. Katie and her family invest their lives pouring into the people of Uganda through education, medical care and spiritual discipleship. She is also the founded of Amazima Ministries—an organization that cares for the vulnerable children and families of Uganda. They have also recently just opened a new school (which she will talk about in today’s episode).

Her first book really inspired us to take a look at our lives and how we are living out the call that God is putting on our hearts. For her that calling was in Uganda. At a very young age she was fostering and adopting children—we’ll get to all of that in this amazing interview. What is interesting that is in the time span from book one to book two, God brought about quite a few tragedies in her life. Her new book really talks through, as it mentions in the title, daring to hope. She talks about how she really questioned God in these really hard times in her life. What I love is she doesn’t simply leave us with “there were hard times and God was there,” she talks about the beautiful intimacy and the character of God that she got to see through these hard times.

I cannot wait for you to hear this episode! Get ready to be encouraged!

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Highlights from the Show:

  • Katie says her favorite way to keep things simple is to get rid of unnecessary stuff. She also shares about how she believes it's important to make life more about relationships. Don’t worry about if your house is perfect before you have guests over or don’t worry about cooking elaborate meals. All those things can be beautiful and God-ordained, but it can also be a hindrance. God chose relationship every time.

  •  Katie tells the story of how she ended up staying in Uganda after traveling there to teach Kindergarten for a semester. She shares about the family dynamic in Uganda. So many families have to send their children to work at a very young age.

  • 80% of children living in institutions (such as orphanages) in Uganda have at least one living parent. —Katie Davis Majors

  •  Orphans are being created because of poverty. —Katie Davis Majors

  •  Katie shares how Amazima Ministries was born, and about the new school, a high school, that was opened this year.

  • Katie has adopted fourteen daughters from Uganda. She shares a little about that process.

  • Katie shares about writing Kisses for Katie and becoming a NYT Bestselling author (and why she swore she'd never write again)!

  • Katie shares a little about her friend, Bob Goff who endorses her new book.

  • Why did Katie decide to write a follow up to Kisses from Katie? She shares a little of the story and her journey to book two.

  • It was a hidden season that I pulled back from all the hype from Kisses from Katie. — Katie Davis Majors

  •  These things aren’t just for you. It’s time to share with the world. —Katie Davis Majors

  •  I sat down to write, and God just gave me the words. —Katie Davis Majors

  •  At the beginning of Daring to Hope, Katie tells about the tragedy that really shook her faith and ultimately inspired the title of her new book. I ask Katie to share a little about this tragedy and what God's answer was to her pleas.

  • He is the same God now that He was then. —Katie Davis Majors

  •  Katie shares about the times when she saw God say “No”, and the hurt that came with that.

  • He has purpose in all things. —Katie Davis Majors

  •  Our stories aren’t meant to begin and end here on earth. —Kristi Clover

  •  Throughout Katie’s book, she pulls stories from the Bible and makes them applicable to today. She shares a little about God speaking to her through these stories and weaving them through her Daring to Hope.

  • Psalm 63:3

  • Katie shares a little about what her daily life is like in Uganda.

  • My ministry right now is a stay-at-home mom. —Katie Davis Majors

  •  Katie shares more about the difficulties of raising fourteen children.

  • They are the people that I am called to pour into and disciple. —Katie Davis Majors

  •  At the end of the interview, I asked Katie if there was anything that we, on this side of the globe, could lift up in prayer for her.


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