SJP #033: Tara McClary Reeves: Honoring the Heroes in Our Lives

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SJP Episode #033 with Tara McClary Reeves Honoring the Heroes in Our Lives

Simply Joyful Podcast — Tara McClary Reeves: Honoring the Heroes in Our Lives 

I’m so excited to introduce you to my new friend Tara McClary Reeves. Many times an interview will get going and I’ll end up ditching my notes and just chat with my guest—and that’s exactly what happened in this interview. And oh my goodness did we talk! We covered just about every topic! We started off chatting about her brand new book, Is Your Dad a Pirate?, a children’s story based on her life story. Her father is a Vietnam vet, and this is the story of her family’s journey after he came home with a patch and an artificial arm. This book made me so misty-eyed!

Tara is so sweet and so authentic you are really truly going to love her.

Just a quick warning If you have kids in the car, or around, while you are listening to this episode, we do chat a little about why it’s important to wait for sex until marriage. We don’t go into any nitty-gritty details, but we do talk about that.

I cannot wait for you to hear this episode! Get ready to be encouraged!

Listen Here:

Highlights from the Show:

  • Tara shares about her family—her husband is an attorney and they have twin teens and a toddler. She also shares about when her son was six and was diagnosed with Leukemia.
  • God never allows suffering without a purpose. —Tara McClary Reeves
  • Both Tara and I chat about our homeschooling journeys, and Tara shares the story of her Balaam’s donkey (Numbers 22:23).
  • As moms, we scratch for the normal times. — Tara McClary Reeves
  • You don’t have any masks in homeschooling. — Tara McClary Reeves
  • Tara shares about her book, how it is based on her personal experience, and where the title “Is Your Dad a Pirate?” came from.
  • This book is an encouragement to marriages everywhere. It highlights what the commitment of love really is. — Tara McClary Reeves
  • Children need to know what the commitment of marriage really is. — Tara McClary Reeves
  • Marriage is a covenant and not to be taken lightly. — Tara McClary Reeves
  • Romans 5:3-5
  • Tara shares the story of why her dad started wearing a patch instead of his glass eye.
  • You’ve never lived until you nearly die. — Tara McClary Reeves
  • Tara shares about the stash of love letters that her parents wrote back and forth when her father was over seas.
  • 1 Corinthians 13:4-5
  • We chat about saving yourself for marriage.
  • God blesses obedience. — Tara McClary Reeves
  • Tara shares about how her parents love talking to children when they ask about her father’s patch—even though the parents are mortified. Her parents see it as a ministry.
  • You are not put on this earth to keep His story from people. —Tara McClary Reeves
  • Every heart is a hurting heart. —Tara McClary Reeves
  • I ask Tara to share about the way that some people in our society spit at the freedom that her father so passionately fought for.
  • There are many who died so that you can still breathe. — Tara McClary Reeves
  • Tara shares about her father’s team and the plaque that they gave her father and the importance behind it.
  • There is no cookie-cutter God story. —Kristi Clover 
  • He never wastes our history. — Tara McClary Reeves
  • John 16:33
  • If Satan can’t make you bad he makes you busy. — Tara McClary Reeves


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