SJP #037: Candace Payne: Embracing Life with Defiant Joy

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SJP Episode #037 with Candace Payne Embracing Life with Defiant Joy

Simply Joyful Podcast — Candace Payne: Embracing Life with Defiant Joy

We are kicking off our week of awesomeness with a very special guest. Known to most people as the “Chewbacca mom,” I have Candace Payne on the show today! If you have been on any social media at any point, you've probably seen the viral video on Facebook Live of her trying on a Chewbacca mask. Her laughter was contagious, and it took the world by storm.

Candace's video is so great because it's a mom who was having a fun little moment and laughs hysterically. Have you ever had one of those moments where you just can't stop yourself from laughing? What's fun is she has a new book out called Laugh it Up. There is so much more to Candace than just a Chewbacca mask. She is the real deal and such a joy. Her book is all about embracing freedom and experiencing defiant joy.

I can't wait to have you listen in to my conversation with Candace. Get ready to be encouraged!

Listen Here: 


Highlights from the Show:

  • How a prayer, returning yoga pants, laughing over a silly mask —  and an insane, super viral video changed her life.
  • Here's the link to see Candace's contagious laughter that started it all: HER VIRAL FACEBOOK VIDEO
  • The Tim Hawkins video that I love about yoga pants!
  • The importance of not putting God in a box.
  • Candace's new book, Laugh it Up and how she defines defiant joy
  • Candace's “perfect man” as defined in 90s terms — this made me laugh so hard!
  • Joy's frienemy — COMPARISON! — and why she calls it a “frienemy.”
  • Here's a link to the song Trust & Obey that made Candace and I get goosebumps as we realized the words fit so perfectly into our conversation: #GodMoment
  • The artwork throughout the book is hers! Amazing!
  • The new Companion Guide that is coming out with her book and all the “fun work” challenges she has. Who would want homework when you can do “fun work!”
  • A new project with DaySpring involving her artwork from the book.
  • How Candace is managing the new demands of juggling being a work-at-home mom now. 


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