SJP #039: Heidi St. John: The Importance of Leaning on God to Become MomStrong

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SJP Episode #039 with Heidi St. John The Importance of Leaning on God to Become MomStrong

Simply Joyful Podcast — Heidi St. John: The Importance of Leaning on God to Become MomStrong

I always love the opportunity to talk with Heidi St. John. She is so encouraging and inspirational…and downright funny! She has a knack for helping moms to see that the messiness of motherhood is NORMAL! We're not alone. Sometimes we forget to find the humor in the hard days.

I'm really excited about Heidi's new book, Becoming Mom Strong: How to Fight with All That's in You for Your Family and Your Faith! This book is not only laced with her humor and wit, but the stories she shares are so real. I laughed my way through this book—because it's real life. Mom life is often filled with so many hilarious moments. (If you can't laugh at it, you'll just end up crying in the corner).

It is crazy to think about what our kids are going up against these days in this culture. Heidi’s new book is a challenge to moms to rise up and be strong their faith — to be strong in their example to their kids and embrace motherhood.

I can't wait to have you listen in to my conversation with Heidi. Get ready to be encouraged!

Listen Here:


Highlights from the Show:

  • Heidi shares about how it was just an accident starting The Busy Mom Blog and how it turned into a book.
  • Jay and Heidi started an amazing ministry, called Firmly Planted Family.
  • Originally, Heidi's blog and writing had been primarily for homeschool moms. Over the years, she's transitioned to encouraging all moms. She talks more about this on the show.
  • MomStrong International is the new Bible study focused ministry that has sprung up from Heidi's new book. It was so exciting to hear about how widespread it already is. Be sure to check it out in your area.
  • #MomFail — Heidi and I talk about the common tendency we have as moms to label ourselves as bad moms. We beat ourselves up too often and constantly feel like we're failing.
  • The heart of MomStrong is that moms need a special kind of strength. Heidi digs a little deeper into what the meaning behind this is.
  • Jeremiah 17:8 is a favorite passage of mine and Heidi. It's all about how our fruitfulness and blessings starts by being intentional to trust the Lord and be in His Word (His Living Water).
  • I'd heard Heidi talk about how she feels we are living in a biblically illiterate generation, and I asked her to share what she meant by this — and how we can combat it.
  • Heidi shares her “battle plan” on how to not become a weakened warrior and to not live in fear.
  • We don't have to be perfect parents. Our goal should not be to become a “pedestal parent.”
  • I wanted to make sure you had the links to my last interview with Heidi, which I broke into two parts: Episodes six and seven.



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