SJP #049: Renee Carlson: The Importance of Scripture Memorization

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SJP Episode #049 with Renee Carlson The Importance of Scripture Memorization

Simply Joyful Podcast — Renee Carlson: The Importance of Scripture Memorization

In the words of Michael W. Smith, “Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them.” Remember that song from way back when? Man, I do. I think I sang it at a high school graduation event for our youth group. I’m giggling right now as I remember my crimped hair and scrunchies singing loud to this song playing on my cassette tape from my boombox. I’m totally dating myself here.

Well, today I have an extraordinary guest on the show: Renee Carlson! Renee is one of my very best friends ever! My forever friend. She and I have known each other for almost 20 years. We were just newly weds when we met…and had our “closet moment” (more on that on the show). We’ve seen each other through the highs and lows of life. I wanted to bring her on the show because she is one of the most amazing women I know. She is a woman of the Word! Not only is she amazing at memorizing Scripture, but she is incredible at listening to the Lord and His promptings and making powerful impacts on the people God brings across her path.

Bible memorization has always been a struggle for me. I have all the desire in the world to be more consistent at storing God’s Word in my brain, but I don’t make the time. As you will hear from Renee today, it’s not about having lots of time. It’s about taking a few moments every day.

This may be one of your favorite episodes because Renee is going to share some very personal stories about times when God brought His Word to her mind in some very dark moments. Those Words came from a storehouse of Scripture that she has memorized through the years. What you may love even more are her tips on how she’s helped her kids to memorize entire chapters of the Bible!

So, you may not recognize Renee by all the books she’s written or because of her large online following. Nope. Renee has never written a book, although I think she should. She’s also not really on social media publically. She’s a great example of the impact you can have on lives just by stepping out and pouring into the people God has placed in your life. You don’t need anything fancy — no platform or fame. Just a mighty God, who wants to use you right where you are at. Get ready to be encouraged!

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Highlights from the Show: 

  • Renee is married to her favorite person, Erik,  and is a mom of three.
  • We've been really good friends for almost 20 years. We laugh about when we first met — it's such a great story (we refer to it as our “closet moment”). Can't wait for you to hear!
  • Early in our relationship, we started sharing honestly with each other. It is so important to have people like this in our lives — someone to call you out on your mistakes (lovingly) and make sure we're on the path that we need to be.
  • I remember whenever we'd get together with our other friends, we'd all get excited to hear from Renee and hear all of the crazy things that had happened in her life.
  • We share about one hilarious story about when Erik was “attacked” by their awning! Ha!
  • Through the years, Erik and Renee have gone through a lot of hard times and struggles. God has taught them so much. 
  • During one time that Renee and her family were going through a long season of struggles, Renee immersed herself in God's Word.
  • If there was one thing that I love about Renee, it is that she is a woman of the Word. In the past five or six years, Renee has memorized and learned so much Scripture.
  • She has really devoted herself to learning Scripture. I asked Renee to share her tips on memorizing scripture and how it has impacted her life. 
  • Isn't it the desire of every parent to hold their children's hearts? I have seen first-hand the tenderness in the Carlson family. Renee gives advice on nurturing your child's heart and having a relationship with them.
  • We chat (laugh) about the traumatizing event (for me) when Renee went on a heavy-duty decluttering spree — I'm still haunted!
  • Renee shares what her favorite memory verse is — it's not what you think! 


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