SJP #050: Kristi Clover: Productivity Hacks for Busy Moms

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SJP Episode #050 with Kristi Clover Productivity Hacks  for Busy Moms

 Simply Joyful Podcast — Kristi Clover: Productivity Hacks for Busy Moms

Happy 50th Episode! I don't know about you, but my family has been watching the Olympics a lot this week. There is something so special about watching people pursuing their dreams. But here's the truth…I’m a blubbering mess watching the Olympics. I cry as each Olympian competes in an event that I know they’ve been training for most of their lives. I don’t even really care which country they are from. Throw in a compelling backstory and my tears are forming before they even start their performance.

It got me thinking about my own race. This life race that I’ve been blessed and honored to run. I guess I don't always think about it like that most of the time. Watching these athletes give their all in competition and knowing the discipline that it takes to even get to that level of sports is amazing. 

It's motivated me to reassess what we are allowing on our plate. So, I'm sharing about how I do things a little differently than others — and some of my productivity hacks. I hope you enjoy, get ready to be encouraged!

Listen Here: 

Highlights from the Show:

  • Here are a few verses that I refer to about the “race” we are running: 1 Corinthians 9:24-272 Timothy 4:7, and Hebrews 12:1.
  • The battle many of us face is busyness — and the battle for balance!
  • I share a bit about the crazy few months that we've had and how it's meant that lots of things got moved to my plate this month.
  • Date nights are priceless. Time to get away and process all the things going on in our family is so important. I love getting time alone with Steve. We're not always consistent, but we need to be.
  • Our approach to re-balancing things going on in our lives is to take everything off our plate — and then put back what is most important. We slowly evaluate what we think should stay, change, or not go back on.
  • I mentioned that one thing I had to do was to postpone the launch of my Meal Planning Made Easy course. It breaks my heart not to give that project time. However, it didn't fit on the plate for this month.
  • One of the fun freebies I created for my Simply Joyful Business friends was a “Productivity Hack” tip sheet for Entrepreneurs. I realized that many of the tips on there can be applied for moms, too. So, I created one for moms here. You can get your copies below.
  • I am obsessed with Jeremiah 17! I have so much fun dissecting it. One of the “hacks” I mention involves this verse.
  • I love whiteboards! I use them for my brain dumps. I can't wait for you to listen to my episode with Emily Ley next week to hear how she uses poster boards.
  • I mentioned my Sanity Savers for Moms book a few times on this episode. I'd love for you to get your free digital copy of it: HERE. One of the chapters in there is on planning ahead. So, don't miss that one. Here's a post I did that talks a bit about planning ahead for better mornings.
  • Simply Joyful Business! I've started a new section of my website that is devoted to encouraging budding entrepreneurs to build a business that brings them joy. I also mentioned about B-School — this program has literally changed my business life. Such a wonderful resource and a great investment. I would love to help you start your business journey and help you create a business that you love!
  • I love doing #MomHacks and #DITL moments on Instagram! I'd love to have you follow me there.
  • I referred back to my podcast episode with Mystie Winkler about “brain dumps.” 
  • Sanity Savers for Moms
  • A Simplified Life

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