SJP #58 Dave Stotts: Making the Bible & History Come Alive

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SJP Episode #058 with Dave Stotts Making the Bible & History Come Alive

Simply Joyful Podcast — Dave Stotts: Making the Bible & History Come Alive

History was never very interesting to me when I was in school. I felt like it was all about dates and events that I had to memorize for a test. I was totally surprised when we started homeschooling our kids and history became my favorite subject to teach. I knew I’d like science since that was my major. However, history came alive for the first time to both me and my husband about 10 years ago.

One of the key factors in this new found love for history was this DVD that a friend had given me to watch. She told me that I’d love it and my boys would enjoy it when they got a little older (since they were just 5 & 6 at the time). That DVD was Drive Through History. I just remember laughing so hard as Dave talked about Romulus and Remus drinking milk from a wolf. Then there were all his other antics. I was hooked…and soon my whole family became hooked.

One of the things that I enjoy most about speaking and podcasting is the opportunities I get to meet people that I already follow online and admire. So, when I had the opportunity to interview Dave Stotts two years ago for my YouTube channel, my whole family was excited. It was my first official interview — pre-podcast and everything — and it was SO fun. Dave just makes everything fun.

So, I’m extra excited to share this new podcast interview with you. I have to say that I really wish I recorded every minute of our conversation even before and after hitting record. He just kept me laughing. But I know you are going to just love this episode of the podcast with Dave Stotts. Hopefully, you’ll fall in love with history all over again — or maybe for the first time. Do be sure to check out all the resources that Dave and his team at Drive Thru History have for your family at You are in for a treat!

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Dave Stotts! Get ready to be encouraged!

Listen Here:


My first interview with Dave! Watch Here:


Highlights from the Show:

  • Dave’s official title at Drive Thru History is “video producer guy” who hosts the history show Drive Thru History. The show is actually a mash-up of three different programs: (1) history (2) Biblical history and (3) entertainment that takes viewers all over the world. Every episode is sure to be entertaining that’s for sure! Dave is always fun to watch as he gets bit by camels or struggles with his germaphobia.  
  • We chatted a little about the history behind Drive Thru History and how Dave became the host — such a funny story!
  • Dave is the historian on film, and I asked him to share how he works in the history on the show. Does he already know it or learn it as he goes? Does he memorize something or does he completely wing it? Is everything pieced together post production? The story he shares about getting Benjamin Franklin’s birthday wrong on film — it will have you rolling!
  • It’s so mind-blowing that Dave and his team are able to take history and tell in such a way that they don’t leave the “God” part out — I love that! When I first got the DVDs (well, VHS…) I remember how much my husband and I enjoyed watching them! They were so great and were teaching us things that we hadn’t learned before! 
  • Dave has been all over the world. I asked him a few fast-fire questions about different places he’s been. I loved the stories that Dave tells of his travels and filming in the many different countries he's visited.
  • I’m really excited about Dave’s new Acts to Revelation series that just came out, but I’m also super excited about his membership site — Drive Thru History Adventures! It is a clearinghouse for all of Drive Thru History's stuff, but there is so much more … the show is just the beginning! You’ll have to check it out!
  • Another amazing thing is that is Dave in the Museum of the Bible — how cool is that! I asked him to tell us how he got that opportunity — and if he feels old since he’s in a museum. Ha!  
  • Dave works week-to-week immersed in history. I asked him if while he’s been working if there was anything significant that he’s learned about God while shooting the show, and how has his faith been affected while he’s been digging into history over the course of the show.
  • Guys, get ready!! Dave spills about new projects coming down the pipeline and oooh! I can’t wait! It’s going to be awesome.
  • 1 Corinthians 15:17


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  • Drive Thru History: Holy Land
  • Drive Thru History: Jerusalem to Calvary
  • Drive Thru History: Ancient 

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