SJP #59 Jen Schmidt: How to Simplify Hospitality

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SJP Episode #059 with Jen Schmidt How to Simplify Hospitality

Simply Joyful Podcast — Jen Schmidt: How to Simplify Hospitality

Hospitality is near and dear to my heart. I’m happiest when I have people at my house and I get the chance to serve them. Maybe that’s why I have so many kids. Lots of people to love on and feed. Ha! Well, as soon as I saw Jen Schmidt’s new book come out, I contacted her immediately to come on the podcast. I knew I wanted an opportunity to talk about the heart of hospitality — and it’s not about always being fancy. Fancy is fun, but sometimes we just have to open our doors and welcome people in just as we are. Jen’s new book is called, Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation. You’re going to love some of the stories she shares about the impact of her passion to just welcome people into her home — often times when she wasn’t quite expecting folks to come inside.

I hope you are so encouraged by this conversation with Jen Schmidt! I know I was!

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Highlights from the Show:

  • For those of you who don’t know Jen Schmidt, she started out blogging at Beauty and Bedlam almost ten years ago — in the throws of motherhood (she has 5 kids too)! She is also an author and has an runs an amazing conference for women called The Becoming Conference. (It sounds like so much fun! I want to go to one!)
  • Hospitality is a passion of mine, and I really enjoyed Jen’s book, Just Open the Door. She has so many gems and great tips throughout the book on simplifying hospitality. I asked Jen to share the inspiration behind the book. The fact that “hospitality” isn’t on the cover of her book was intentional — I love Jen’s reason why!
  • Jen threw me off when she quoted Martha Stewart in her book! Jen takes Martha’s definition of hospitality and throws a Biblical shift on it. Love it! Jen explains a little more about how and why she looks at hospitality in that way. I love the story Jen tells about how her heart changed from “entertaining” to true “hospitality” — just wait until you hear it!
  • I asked Jen about how we can go deeper in our hospitality. She shared tips on how we can take our hospitality to the next level and give it more of a biblical focus. I love how Jen shares the lifestyle and legacy of hospitality!
  • Jen has a whole segment in her book about “do-overs.” She shares a story that so resonated with me — about the stress of hospitality and really wanting to grow a legacy of hospitality in our kids. I asked Jen to share a little about the legacy of hospitality and how the “do-overs” impacted her hospitality practice.
  • What I really enjoyed about Jen’s book is that not only does she tell stories throughout, but she also has a “Dear Jen” section (that is so great) that basically answers people's specific questions about hospitality. Another thing I really liked was her section called “Elevate the Ordinary,” where Jen gives great practical advice. Jen really takes the intimidation off the plate if hospitality seems intimidating to you. 
  • I love Jen’s concept of neighboring well, too. I asked Jen to explain what “neighboring well” looks like. I think you'll like her suggestions. So simple and so easy — and her ideas for spontaneous hospitality are the best!
  • Hospitality can be draining. There can be times of burn out. Jen shared about how Jesus also got tired and would retreat for a time to recharge! Jen explains how this, recharging our batteries and filling ourselves up, is necessary so that we can pour into others.
  • Need extra help? Jen has you covered! Throughout Just Open the Door there is an “extra helping” written by someone close to Jen. One of my favorites was written by Antonie. I asked Jen to tell a little bit more about Antonie and share his story. You can read his story in her book — I promise it’s a good one! And another little fun tidbit…Antonie is the one who inspired the subtitle for the book, How One Invitation Can Change a Generation!
  • We all know that food seems to go hand-in-hand with hospitality. I asked Jen to share some of her favorite go-to meals for when she has unexpected guests drop by. You don’t want to miss her great tips!
  • Matthew 22:40


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