SJP #61 James Barnett: Bringing Faith to Market

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SJP Episode #061 with James Barnett Bringing Faith to Market

Simply Joyful Podcast — James Barnett: Bringing Faith to Market

I love a good God story and that’s exactly what I have for you today. I am so excited to introduce you to James Barnett, the president of DaySpring Cards. Not only does he exude joy, but he has an incredible love for Jesus which comes through so clearly in this interview. Wait until you hear all he has to share with us about the history and the heart of DaySpring. To think it all started with two young pastors seeking God to do something impactful with their lives—and it didn’t even start with greeting cards.

I loved learning about how DaySpring has intentionally set out to integrate business and ministry together to encourage and equip others in sharing their faith. Often times people feel like there is supposed to be a separation between what we do for a living and our ministry. I know I struggled with the fact that my little online ministry had actually turned into a business. Could I have both? I have a passion to encourage people and point them to Jesus, but it felt weird as I started to make money doing it. Faith and business can be mixed together—and by doing just that DaySpring been successful at having an incredible impact on the lives of so many. Get ready to be encouraged!

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Highlights from the Show:

  • James Barnett is the President of DaySpring. I loved learning about their mission statement and what gets them up in the morning — looking for ways to equip people to share the love of Jesus in new and fresh ways! Isn't that so great?!
  • When I asked James about how much he loved being a grandparent, he ended up sharing a beautiful story about his own grandfather and the wisdom that he imparted to him in his 90s. It was truly inspirational.
  • James and I chat a little bit about how we got started working together. It all started with a Facebook Live at a Teach Them Diligently Conference!
  • One thing that always strikes me about James is that he really exudes joy. He always seems to have a big smile on his face! I'm so excited that he is finally able to be a guest on The Simply Joyful Podcast!
  • James has had a really unique career at DaySpring. I asked him to share a little of his story and a little bit of history behind the DaySpring company. Did you know that DaySpring was originally based in California? Yay! Go California — it makes DaySpring a little bit closer to my heart. Also, something I found interesting was that they didn't start with greeting cards!
  • James has been at DaySpring for 37 years! That's crazy in today's society for a person to be at one company for that long! I asked James to tell about some of the roles he's played over the years.
  • Dayspring has ties with David C CookHallmark, and (in)courage blog. I asked James how these entities are associated with Dayspring.
  • When I first thought of Dayspring, I thought of cards, but there are so many more amazing products now. I really like their home decor and kitchen products through the Mary & Martha brand. I asked James to share a little about Mary & Martha. It started as a way for Dayspring to help women earn a little extra money while sharing their faith in Jesus.
  • I love that part of Dayspring's vision is the Great Commission. In Deuteronomy 6, it talks about how we are supposed to love the Lord with all our heart, but also that we are to impress Scripture on our children and to put it on the “doorframes” of our home. I think that is one of the things that is so beautiful about having products that share Scriptures. It's such a great conversation starter and it's beautiful! I've found that it's given me the opportunity to share Christ with others. It's a really easy way to connect.
  • One of Dayspring's passions is integrating business and ministry. I asked James about a certain quote that I've heard is on one of the conference room walls at DaySpring, and asked him to share a little about it. James also talks a little bit about what goes on in headquarters. I love that they have weekly Bible studies and yearly opportunities for mission work!
  • For those reading this after listening on the go, as promised, here is the acronym that James shared about their core values: PRAISE = Prayer, Respect, Attitude of service, Integrity, Stewardship, Excellence
  • I can't have the president of Dayspring on the podcast without asking him which product he buys the most of from Dayspring. His answer made me laugh.
  • James shares what's coming up next for Dayspring — books! They have recently launched a book division and have a number of books coming out. I know coming from Dayspring they are going to be amazing! They also have a lot of new gifts and new greeting cards coming. Plus, they've recently signed on Candace Cameron Bure!

Also Mentioned in this Episode: 

  • I love how God has knit together this season. There are so many episodes that have somehow had ties back to DaySpring — such as Jen Schmidt being an (in)courage blogger, DaySpring recently signing on to sell products in the Hobby Lobby stores and Jackie Green and Lauren McAfee being the wife and daughter of the President of Hobby Lobby + co-founders of the Bible Museum, and David Stotts working closely with the Bible Museum! So cool!


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