SJP #78: I'm Back! Priorities When Mayhem Hits

home home + family home organization podcast Jan 03, 2020
SJP Episode #078 I'm Back! Priorities When Mayhem Hits

The Simply Joyful Podcast — I'm Back! Priorities When Mayhem Hits

Welcome to the relaunch of The Simply Joyful Podcast! I know it has been a long time, and I apologize for that, but you know what? Life. I am following my own advice — and that is when push comes to shove, you’ve got to know your priorities! And it has been a wild ride here in the Clover household. I had to put some things on hold in order to focus on my priorities. As much as I love encouraging everyone through the podcast, I really had to make sure I was encouraging those in my household first. I am thrilled that the podcast is back and am excited to share some news about the show as we move forward with weekly content again!

I know that you're going to love this episode! Get ready to be encouraged!

In this episode of the Simply Joyful Podcast we discuss:

  • A life update: from home renovation, book launch, and preparing for her first child to graduate in 2020
  • #AllThingsBookLaunch: MomCon, TV interviews, podcast interviews, and the hardest part of it all
  • Discovering the Enneagram (she just learned that she is a 7!)
  • Building Team Clover, a new website, rebranding, and getting Team Clover organized
  • Knowing your priorities: it is KEY to getting organized!
  • Her renovation series on YouTube launching on Simply Joyful at Home.
  • Making time for your spouse when life gets busy
  • Confession: not being the perfect organized homeschool mom
  • Her problem area and how a tip from Emily Ley helped her to get over it.
  • Changes YOU can expect on SJP in 2020

Resources, books, and links mentioned in this episode:

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