SJP #20: Andrew Pudewa: How to Motivate Your Kids: Secret Strategies Parents will Love

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SJP Episode #20 with Andrew Pudewa How to Motivate Your Kids Secret Strategies Parents will Love

Simply Joyful Podcast — Andrew Pudewa: How to Motivate Your Kids: Secret Strategies Parents will Love 

We all struggle with keeping our kids motivated. Whether it's trying to get them to finish their chores or get work done, we wrestle with how to get them to actually do what we expect them to do. Do we give them reward for completing things on time? Do we punish them or give them consequences when they don't do what we want them to do? It causes so much stress and frustration for us as parents.

Well, today's guest is going to bless you with some impactful and practical advice on how to best motivate our kids. If you are in the homeschooling world, you know that if you are at a convention where Andrew Pudewa is speaking, his sessions will be packed. Not only is he a language arts expert, he is also an expert in all kinds of things—like motivating your children. His insight and knowledge are going to blow your mind. His tips on parenting and learning are spectacular. You’ll want to make sure you listen to the very end as Andrew shares his “secret sauce” — and trust me — you don’t want to miss it! Get ready to be encouraged!

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Highlights from the Show:

  • Andrew says to make time for your family and what's important—as well as music, poetry, and literature.
  • I start the interview out by asking Andrew to tell us a little about himself. He shares that he is a homeschooling dad of seven (yes, seven!) children and nine grandchildren! He shares a little about his family business, Institute for Excellence in Writing, and shares about his world-wide travel.
  • Andrew shares the story how he went from being a violinist to being a business owner that’s all about Language arts. He shares a little of the history behind IEW and how it was born.
  • “Our success is His success and I try just to not screw things up.” — Andrew Pudewa
  • Andrew shares about his time in Japan when he was 22, and his experience learning to play the violin under Suzuki. Much of what he learned about coaching and motivation and human relations he learned during his time with Suzuki that was so much of his vision.
  • I share about my favorite session of Andrew’s: Teaching Boys (and other children) Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day I still listen to this session regularly!
  • I ask Andrew to share about some techniques he uses for motivation.
  • “When you’re trying to teach or learn something, if that thing that you're trying to teach has significance, it’s easier to learn.”
    —Andrew Pudewa
  • Andrew chats about relevancy and the four forms of this relevancy.
  • “Parents put a lot of stress on themselves to find that sweet spot, to find that thing that their kids are interested in and don’t allow for God to move around that interest.” —Kristi Clover
  • “When we see kids that have that passion, they will really study and learn without a whole lot of external prompting.”
    —Andrew Pudewa
  • “Kids will become interested in something they love or respect is interested in.” —Andrew Pudewa
  • Andrew chats about what he did when there wasn’t a debate and speech team nearby when his kids were growing up, and why his teen daughter and her friends were auguring about Nato Alliance and alienating Russian and worrying about degrading Russian and American Relations.
  • Andrew and I chat about the difference between teaching with a passion and just not caring.
  • “Find people with different passions and different skill sets to teach your children and see where that goes.” —Kristi Clover
  • Andrew shares about what you do when you have those subjects that no one is interested in or passionate about, but they have to be learned.
  • “It must be possible to win.” —Andrew Pudewa
  • Andrew shares how turning hard tasks into a game is fantastic motivation to learn.
  • Andrew shares the three laws of motivation.
  • “Children like to do what they can do.” —Andrew Pudewa
  • Andrew shares the two secret weapons to motivation.
  • “Build up the emotion account and live on the interest.” —Andrew Pudewa
  • Andrew shares about a life changing event.


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