SJP #81: Getting Organization To Stick In the New Year

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SJP Episode #81 Getting Organization To Stick In the New Year

Simply Joyful Podcast — Getting Organization to Stick In the New Year

We are diving into #Goals today — primarily goals that tie into home organization! Home organization is something that most of us struggle with, and once we are organized, we struggle to get our organization habits to stick. I felt this was the best time to chat about this since it’s mid-January which most likely means you’ve already abandoned your resolutions or you’re struggling with them. I really wanted to be here for you and encourage you in your resolutions and goals! 

I am excited to share some of the tips and tricks from my new book, M.O.M. Grab one for yourself or a friend!

I know that you're going to love this episode! Get ready to be encouraged!

In this episode of the Simply Joyful Podcast we discuss:

  • How do we get organization to stick? I know it’s not easy! But there is one big mistake we are all making and I am going to help you overcome it! 
  • Decluttering: Are you doing it right? There are so many ways of decluttering (hello, Marie Kondo), but I have some thoughts on exactly how to effectively declutter (hint: I’m not talking about throwing everything away!)
  • My grandma was a hoarder (I say that with as much love for her as I have), but I learned so much about decluttering from having to go through grandma’s stuff after she passed.
  • Home organization trauma story! I share a story — really my friend Renee’s story — but it is so traumatizing to me! It still irks my brain to think about it! 
  • I chat about some of my research for my M.O.M. book. It’s interesting what I found out about those who grew up during the depression! 
  • Decluttering isn’t always about throwing things away. Can you repurpose something? I chat about some of the things that I’ve repurposed, and how because during the renovation, I’ve had to donate so many things — and that is okay! 
  • I will share how I declutter a space and give you some tips for successful decluttering of your own space!
  • Why I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the Salvation Army after I donate unneeded items.
  • I share a quick tip on when to donate and when to sell.
  • When decluttering, be sure to keep in mind to look out for those things that are accumulating
  • How to handle odd memorabilia you may have. 
  • The power of creating habits. I touch a little on this in the episode, but if you want a more in-depth dive, be sure to check out my book, M.O.M. 

Resources, books, and links mentioned in this episode:

  • M.O.M.  — my book! I have a whole chapter dedicated to the topic of today’s episode! Be sure to grab your copy and check it out!
  • I love the name of my friend Heather’s podcast, Don’t Mom Alone, I think that is so important to remember!
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  • Have you seen the cute Veggie Tales song with Madame Blueberry at the Stuff Mart? So cute — watch it here.
  • You can listen to my podcast episode with my best friend Renee (and the funny stories we share) here.
  • If you missed my episode with Louie Giglio, don’t miss it! Be sure to listen to that episode here.
  • Are you needing help with decluttering? I have some FREE decluttering cards that can help with that! Get all the details on how you can get them here. 

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