SJP #090: Marriage Triggers with Guy and Amber Lia

home + family marriage podcast Mar 19, 2020
SJP Episode #90 with Guy and Amber Lia Marriage Triggers

Simply Joyful Podcast — Marriage Triggers with Guy and Amber Lia

Today we have my dear friends, Guy and Amber Lia on the show. I always love getting the chance to talk with them ... normally it's in my living room, but today we did it over the internet! I can't wait for you to listen in and hear about their brand new book, Marriage Triggers: Exchanging Spouses' Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses. I'm telling you, friends, this book is awesome. It hits all the right spots. We were laughing because the chapters I felt drawn to read were the chapters Amber wrote and the chapters I felt Steve would enjoy were the chapters Guy wrote! So, they get it! They really do. Today you are going to be so blessed as we talk through the importance of marriage, and we learn how to exchange our spouses' angry reactions for gentle biblical responses. That is the heart behind Marriage Triggers — helping couples to approach their triggers in ways that bring healing and growth in their relationship.

I know that you're going to love this episode with Guy and Amber! Get ready to be encouraged!

In this episode of the Simply Joyful Podcast we discuss:

  • As someone who writes, speaks and blogged through the years, I have found that the Lord loves to give me growth in whatever area it is that I am asked to speak on or write on. I asked the Lias why they felt called to write a book on marriage.
  • There comes a time in your marriage when the rubber hits the road and you have to decide if you're going to fight for your marriage. I share a story about early in my marriage that I don't often share about.
  • It was so funny how, while I was flipping through the book, I was drawn to all the chapters Amber wrote. At the same time, I could totally see Steve being drawn to the chapters that Guy wrote! Amber shares a little why she and Guy wrote this book together, and how they decided who wrote what.
  • I asked Guy and Amber to share which trigger was the hardest for them to write.
  • I love how Guy and Amber took time in the book to really think of triggers that might set us off. Most of us are familiar with the "normal" ones — finances, home, other relationships — there are so many things. One that really stood out to me was holding a record of wrong and the chapter on having your feelings hurt (those two so go together don't they?)
  • Amber gives some tips on coming together with your spouse a couple of times a month to lovingly talk about a trigger or two that pressing on your heart or spirit.
  • There are those marriages that one spouse is the only one that wants to improve the marriage or see the marriage succeed, Amber speaks to those individuals specifically giving advice and offering up prayers.
  • One thing that Guy and Amber mentioned is they aren't marriage therapists. They come at this topic from the vantage point of two people who have been married. I love how they are constantly pointing readers back to the Lord. I really want to encourage every married (or soon to be married) listener to grab a copy of the Lia's book and read it — either by yourself or with your spouse.

Resources, books, and links mentioned in this episode:

  • If you missed it, I've had Amber on in the past! We chatted about the last book she co-wrote with Wendy Speake, Triggers, which is all about parenting triggers. It's a great resource to purchase if you don't already have a copy, and you can listen to my previous conversation with Amber HERE.
  • If you want to hear more about marriage, I had my husband Steve on the podcast earlier this season! You can listen to our conversation HERE.
  • This Present Darkness is one of my favorite books! Have you read it?

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