SJP #91 & 92: Keeping Kids Safe Online with Kristen Jenson

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SJP Episode #91 & 92 with Kristen Jenson Keeping Kids Safe Online

Simply Joyful Podcast — Keeping Kids Safe Online with Kristen Jenson

Today we have none other than Kristen Jenson coming on the podcast. Kristen is best known for her book series Good Pictures Bad Pictures and she knows a lot about keeping kids safe online. You will not want to miss this, and part two, of this conversation because it is so important. You are going to get concrete, practical tools on how to protect your kids from the things that are online that are not safe.

Kristen is the founder of — a website dedicated to helping parents empower their kids to resist and reject pornography. She is a strong voice for protecting children from all forms of sexual exploitation and has testified before the Washington State Senate Law on the public health crisis of pornography. Kristen has two daughters and has recently become a grandma! She lives with her husband and Schnoodle puppy in the beautiful state of Washington.

Disclaimer: Please know this is an adult conversation. While we don't get into anything crass, we do talk the truth about a very serious subject. 

I know that you're going to love this episode with Kristen! Get ready to be encouraged!

In Part One of this episode of the Simply Joyful Podcast we discuss:

  • Kristen wants to be clear that she isn't the "porn lady" (which she has been called before). She is the "anti-porn lady" — which she shares she honestly never wanted to have anything to do with porn in the first place, but the Lord had different plans.
  • We chat a little about the history of porn and how easy it is for kids to get their hands on porn these days! I am so thankful to Kristen for writing these books as such a great resource for parents.
  • When is a good time to have the porn conversation with your kids? Kristen always says #soonerissafer — she unpacks this just a little bit.
  • Men get such a bad rap for porn — everyone thinks that men are the only ones who struggle with it. However, statistics show that women struggle just as much with it. Also, what is shocking is that the statistics of kids that struggle with it are rising at such a fast pace. I asked Kristen to explain why porn is so addictive. 
  • Do I have to have the sex talk with my kid before I talk to them about porn? This is one question that I see pop up so many times. I asked Kristen to unpack why — or why not — you need to have the sex talk pre-porn talk.  
  • I want to get practical. Kristen has amazing tips on how to teach kids what to do if they encounter pornography.

In Part Two of this episode of the Simply Joyful Podcast we discuss:

  • Okay, we've talked so much about how kids can see and be exposed to pornography on computers and on friend's devices, but the truth of the matter is, they can also be exposed on parent's devices as well (I don't care if you do lock your phone ... kids have ways...) It is so important to put safeguards in place! We chat about some tips and resources to keep our kids safe while online.
  • Kristen chats about why letting your young child lie about their age to get a social media account can really come back to haunt you as a parent — we also talk about different apps and how the apps are self-rating for younger children.
  • The biggest growing crime in the U.S. with kids is sextortion. Kristen explains what it is, and how we can protect our kids from it.

Resources, books, and links mentioned in both episodes:

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