SJP #96 When to Walk Away with Gary Thomas

faith home + family marriage parenting podcast May 20, 2020
SJP #96 with Gary Thomas When to Walk Away

Simply Joyful Podcast — When to Walk Away with Gary Thomas

Today we are welcoming back Gary Thomas the bestselling author of Sacred Marriage. If you missed my episode with Gary, you have got to go listen in! That's why we're having him back — he was that good! Today, we're talking about his new book, When to Walk Away, and I'm going to honest, this is probably the most vulnerable I've felt in a podcast episode. I feel a little like you're listening to a counseling session! If you ever wanted to know and have insight into Kristi Clover's heart, this is it! I know this episode is going to impact you powerfully, so listen in and listen carefully to his wise words. You know how much I love books, but I really think When to Walk Away is one that every person needs to have on their shelves.

I know that you're going to love this episode with Gary! Get ready to be encouraged!

In this episode of the Simply Joyful Podcast we discuss:

  • Gary calls When to Walk Away his bridge book. It deals with relationships, but it's also very much about our maturity and mission before the Lord.
  • Gary shares some powerful truth about what holiness really is. He also shares insight on Matthew 6:33, seeking first the kingdom, but warns not to miss Matthew 7:6 which teaches not to throw your pearls to pigs.
  • One thing that really impacted me in my last conversation with Gary was when he mentioned: "Jesus walked away." I asked Gary to share what the trigger was that started his journey to writing When to Walk Away.
  • Sometimes when I have to walk away from important (to us) relationships, I have an almost overwhelming feeling of guilt. Gary shares some tips on how to overcome that guilt when we know to walk away is the best thing for a toxic relationship.
  • What exactly is a toxic person? It might not be what you think. Gary defines who are the toxic people in your life.
  • I share about a toxic relationship in my life that the Lord helped in removing from my life.
  • Gary shares how when dealing with a toxic person, it's almost better to grieve then it is to try and fix. Grieving could lead to healing.
  • Gary and I chat a little about the importance of finding a healthy mentor-type person to come alongside you.
  • One of the hardest things, I've found, in some toxic relationships is the area of salvation. Gary dives into how God is not a controlling person, and how we should respond to a toxic non-saved person.
  • We wrap up our conversation chatting about self-directed toxicity. There is a great chapter on it in the book that really dives deep, but Gary defines what exactly it is and how to combat it.

Resources, books, and links mentioned in this episode:

  • If you missed my episode with Gary (Episode 84), you have to go back and listen in! Gary is so wise in his words — I love having the opportunity to get to interview him again!
  • If you've been listening to the podcast for even a little bit, you know how much I love books. I highly recommend for every listener to have a copy of Gary Thomas' When to Walk Away and John Townsend's Boundaries. Both are such powerful books.
  • And if listening to books is an easier way to "read" books, be sure to check out Audible! When you use my link you get two free downloads (new members only).
  • John 15: 8 — This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.
  • Matthew 6:33 — But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
  • Matthew 7:6 — “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

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